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I dont know why i bothered to go back to the store today after the trouble i had with them after i purchased my victory crossroads in january but i did and it was another mistake i made.While we were at the store we purchased some goodies both for ourselfs and the bike with supposidly VIP pricing.If we got VIP pricing i would hate to see what they charge customers they dont like.When we got home i was surfing ebay and found some of the stuff we bought cheaper and with free postage from the same store(rather than driving approx 5 hours return).these salesman or whatever their titles are have got to start treating their customers both new and return better otherwise we wont return .I am not the only person having trouble with this store and it is dissapointing.While i was at the store i got a quote for some accessories for the bike worth just over 3000 dollars that sale will not be happening now.something needs to be done but i dont know what maybe posting this we might get some ideas on fixing the problem 

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Hi Warren, sorry to hear about the troubles your having and it sucks to think that they looked after you only to find there stuff on eBay cheaper, that's just plain rude!!!. I think the problem is that they don't have much competition in Melbourne in the way of after market parts and clothing for that matter so there prices are ridiculous and there's absolutely no loyalty shown by them to repeat customers. Unfortunately it seem to be an on going problem with this particular store as I've read a few complaints on this forum now. I myself have had a shocking experience with this store and if I posted it up you would be horrified. In saying this I believe that the store can't survive by just selling these awesome bikes that we love so much, but they need the sale of bling parts and accessories,clothing and the work shop intake to survive but if they continue to operate the way they have been I'm sure they'll loose a lot of customers which I believe they have. They will always continue to sell these great bike but they need to stop treating us like fools. It's not hard to buy from the states if your prepared to wait for your parts.


Yes this has been happening for along time, just imagine the money they would make, if there pricing were realistic, they would have a lot more of us buying from them instead of the states, and we will all be happy, and i know there will be a few of you out there that will come up with some excuse for why the melbourne store charges what they do,and there is a lot of us that think the same way as you Rob, and they are a great bike and i love mine, rather wait than be ripped off,

Hey there Les, lets face it the stores got some serious issue going on internally from management to sales staff and so on, I mean look at the amount of employees that's gone through that store there chewing through them, I don't think I've seen that many employees go through bar 20 :p) was a regular visitor in my younger days. As for those that will jump in and make excuses for them, that's there call it is a forum after all ,to say as you please, but going off some of the other threads that have been posted on this site about the Melbourne store most of those making the excuses and defending them are in another state so they can't see what's going on.
I will be looking for a second bike soon and it's going to be a victory, just not sure which one yet , but what I do know I won't be buying it from the Melbourne store. Sydney isn't that far to drive.

hi rob i totally agree with you going through some old posts there has been issues with the store for along time but it seems victory isn,t to keen on sorting them out i suppose as long as the staff are selling bikes thats all that counts i,ve just been on a 200km ride this morning that soon takes your mind off all the crap that seems to go with these brilliant bikes,my partner is looking at buying a new boardwalk i think i,ll be taking her to sydney to purchase the bike it,s not that far from here

Did you approach the sales person or store manager and request a refund for the price difference?

no i haven,t approached the employee,s at the store as it wasn,t until saturday night when i got home that i discovered the pricing differance,,maybe i should of rang them today but what is the use they will try and bullshit their way out of it and knowing the way i feel about that store the phone call would,t end up nice .At the end of the day the more people that know what has happened to me the better,as i said before i got a quote for some accessories for the bike worth 3000 dollars they wont be getting that sale or anything else from me ,maybe other customers will take their business else where,as well


Hi Colin, I think you're missing the point here, it shouldn't have got to this point. The man just spent 25 plus grand on a new bike you'd think they would show him a bit of courtesy/loyalty, but nope they decided to rip him off instead that's just great form on there behalf.

Hi Rob,

Not all the sales staff are aware of the stores activities on ebay and alike, ebay is mostely controlled by the parts manager, hence sales staff may not be aware of the ebay stuff. But in saying that you would expect at their meetings it would be raised to bring all sales staff up to speed.

Maybe they need someone or several who specialise in the custom parts and bling area, I dont think they have heard the last of this.

Owners vote with their feet and word of mouth is a pretty powerful tool, they couldnt supply a touring seat for our Vegas, so we went off shore. I would have thought if a business doesnt want after sales, sales on custom items then dont display them in your store.

I think they should refund Warren the diffence between puchased price and ebay price!!!

Hi guys I tried buying from Sydney and they said being from Victoria I had to go to Melbourne store , they don't want to step on anybody's toes .

it should not be a problem to buy from another State tell them that u just moved to NSW and still have your VIC Licence if not give them any address in NSW and tell them that you are about to move to VIC

Do they want to sell bikes or not 

Hey I rang the Melbourne store  and wanted to go in and buy some accessories approx. $1000 worth I asked did they have the  parts in stock  as I would be there in about 1 hour if they had them , they were not sure said they would phone me back in a few minutes , that was 2  WEEKS AGO still have not heard back

 went on Ebay had them in 3 days also saved $172.00

This was the 3rd time I had enquired about accessories each time no call back 

Have brought 2 bikes from them and a lot of extras but the service is crap compared to  before   what is wrong with these guys maybe ALL OF US need to get together and drop a not to polaris HQ about  their Dealer service etc

And more disgruntled customers coming out of the wood works, hope your reading this Melbourne Victory store, time to pull your finger out and get a bit more professional .



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