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Hi All,

Does anyone have or know how to get a list of the Victory Error Codes?

My 2010 XC has come up with 5 codes, namely:

  • 520193 - i think this may be the idle air control?
    • I still have my 02 sensors connected
  • 39167
  • 73983
  • 51455
  • 100607

I've been going spare trying to find the list on the internet.


Minjin (Brisbane Australia)

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Hey Minjin, attached should be a Word doc with the error codes in it, taken from the XC, XR, & HB manual.  I found the manual online through one of the American Victory forums, but unfortunately did not bookmark the link.  This may be a bit late to help, but who knows.  I can get a flashdrive to you with full manual if you want.

I'm currently tearing what little hair I have left out trying to find what's tripping my main circuit breaker on my HardBall...........

Cheers, Steve Walker.


Hey cheers Steve.

In the end the battery shit itself and fortunately at home. I went down to the local Battery World with the battery and bought something similar. The chap in the shop was good and as there were no other customers did a research on my Polaris battery Code- we worked out that this was the original battery on my 2010 XC. It appears this battery was 7 years old and I had done nothing to prolong it's years.

I had the bike previously booked into the dealership also and they stated the error codes will still be there, regardless of me having changed batteries a couple of days prior.

It appears the battery was trying to state I'm stuffed with the error codes I was getting.

How good is that?

By the way I've saved the attachment you've given me and I am very appreciative of you sending it to me.

I have also bought myself a trickle charger and now have my 2 Victory's and 1 Indian plus motorcycle Trevaye camper trailer all with attachments for the trickle charger. I take it in turns in having one of them on charge to help the battery life ---I hope. :-)

Thanks mate 

Hi Glen, glad you got out of trouble.  7 years out a battery is pretty good going; I'm starting to get a bit concerned with mine after its given no trouble in 4 years.Mind you, I'm a bit paranoid about batteries after having one fail on my Harley at Cape Tribulation, another one at West Wyalong, another one while the bike was underwater in Kidaman Creek for 3 days.

Know of anyone who has tried an Antigravity Li Ion battery in a Victory?

Cheers, Steve.

Hi Mate, Simply no and to tell you the truth I can not recall hearing about that type of battery.

Cheers, Glen



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