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Victory Accessory Recall Notice - Lock & Ride Passenger Backrest with Luggage Rack Installed for Cross Series Bikes

The Victory Motorcycle Division of Polaris Industries Inc. is conducting a Safety Campaign for some Lock & Ride® passenger backrests if those passenger backrests are used in conjunction with a luggage rack. These passenger backrest / luggage rack combinations could be used on any 2010 through 2014 Victory Cross Country, Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic, Cross Country Touring or Hard-Ball motorcycles.


The reason for this recall:

Victory has determined that some Lock & Ride® passenger backrests, if used with a luggage rack, can crack at the chassis mounting point. This could cause a passenger to lose support, increasing the risk of the passenger falling off of the motorcycle. Passenger backrests that have never had a luggage rack installed onto them are not affected and may continue to be used reliably.


What Victory and your dealer will do:

Victory have issued a Safety Recall Bulletin to all Victory dealers, with the appropriate instructions to inspect and replace as necessary affected Lock & Ride® passenger backrests. If the passenger backrest currently has or has ever had a luggage rack, the passenger backrest and luggage rack will be removed and replaced with an updated design. Repairs must be made by an authorized Victory motorcycle dealer at no cost to you. The actual repair should take under an hour to perform; however, it may take longer due to service scheduling requirements.


What you should do:

If your Victory Cross Roads, Cross Country or Hard-Ball motorcycle is equipped with a Lock & Ride® passenger backrest and has never had a luggage rack installed with the passenger backrest; there is nothing you need to do. Do not install a luggage rack onto your Lock & Ride® passenger backrest, your machine is not affected by this recall.


If your Victory Cross Roads, Cross Country or Hard-Ball motorcycle currently has, or has ever had, a luggage rack installed onto your Lock & Ride® passenger backrest, you must remove and retain your passenger backrest from your motorcycle before operating your motorcycle.


Contact your authorized Victory motorcycle dealer to schedule an appointment to have the bulletin repair performed. If you have removed your passenger backrest and luggage rack so you could continue to use your motorcycle, you must retain them so that they can be presented to your Victory dealer for exchange. Repairs must be done only by an authorized Victory motorcycle dealer.


If you have questions or if you need more information:

While your Victory dealer is in the best position to answer your questions, if you have any questions that your dealer cannot address, if you are having difficulty obtaining the bulletin repair outlined in this notice, or if you need assistance finding a Victory dealer, please visit the Polaris/Victory Motorcycle website at or contact our Victory Consumer Service Department by calling 03 9394 5610


This notice was also mailed to owners of these affected bikes according to our most current registration information. If you no longer own your Victory motorcycle, please contact your local Victory dealer to have the ownership information changed. The Victory Consumer Service Department cannot change ownership information without identification.


Your safety and continued satisfaction with your Victory motorcycle is our primary concern. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. 

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" If the passenger backrest currently has or has ever had a luggage rack, the passenger backrest and luggage rack will be removed and replaced with an updated design. Repairs must be made by an authorized Victory motorcycle dealer at no cost to you. "

I haven't bought a rack to fit to my backrest yet but intend to do so in the future. Will the new updated design backrests/racks be interchangeable?

Hi Phil, if you intend to fit a luggage rack in the future, the best thing to do is swap it over to the new design. I don't have any information on whether the new and old design will be interchangeable. If you have any further questions, please give your closest Victory dealer a call. 



I was told by a victory service manager when I questioned him about this recall before Christmas that victory will not be recalling passenger backrests if they are fitted with a non genuine luggage rack .victory are only recalling back rests and luggage racks if they are genuine items only.He could not tell my why not as I explained to him that the aftermarket racks still mount in the same location as the  genuine one . I believe victory should be recalling all passenger back rests .As to date I have not been informed in writing by victory to have my backrest repaired  and I have contacted my local dealership as per what the above recall notice says .M y concern is ,is my backrest safe to use .as per the discussion I had the service manager could not guarantee that it was .

Hi Warren, I will refer this to our Technical Service & Warranty department to get a response. Can you please email your contact details to so that we can arrange for them to communicate with you directly.



So first I was told the fix would be available end of April.  Then I was told end May.  Then I was told June 13th.

Does anyone know when my dealer will have these parts. What's the story?

Hi Richard, can you tell me which dealership you are dealing with and I will see what we can do to assist?

I have been asking about this since it was issued in the states,it has taken several calls to local service dept,to get a run around,not happy jan,but got onto Tom at Sydney and he has started the ball rolling,to date I have not even recieved a letter and I have the factory rack and pillion rest!

Hello :
    I just purchased a 2014 Victory Cross Roads as of July 15 2014 that has the Lock and Ride Passenger back rest mentioned in this article installed, There is no luggage rack currently attached at this time but I'm have no way of knowing if there ever was at any time.As your article mentioned that if a luggage rack has been installed at any time the back rest should be replaced. The bike was part of this past Victory Demo Ride days here. I'm in BC but the bikes trucked in for the demo rides all had Manitoba plates on them, so I don't even know if my dealer had any knowledge of a luggage rack ever being attached.
I delt with the dealer manager through out my whole purchase. He didn't warn me about any recall for the back rest at all but he did say I can't install a back rest on it. He didn't elaborate on that and I didn't ask any questions about it.
Needless to say I'm concerned about it failing at some point. I have no way of knowing if a rack was ever attached or even where the bike actually came from. Or if they would even have any record of a luggage rack being attached.
I just happened to find this bulletin during my search for a luggage rack for the quick release back rest.
At this point I'm unsure as to what my next step should be, any information as to what or where I should go with this would be much appreciated. 
If it has 3 holes either side do nothing,if it only has 2 holes either side,and you are going to install a rack,then they have to replace it for you



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