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So you purchased a Victory, hmmm did you make the right purchase? Did you get the model you went into the store to buy? Do you love your bike? Are you having a great time with your bike?

I have had my hammer for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with my model and my purchase.  I couldn't be happier with the service I get in store. Scotty, Grant, Jamie, Mel and all the tech staff always give me the thumbs up of welcome when in the store.

But I didn't buy the bike so I could get a coffee, even though it is nice to be offered one every now and then.

My work restricts my time in the saddle, but when I get the opportunity I love getting out to ride. I have met some great people along the journey and that's what Victory introduced us too. The journey is important, the  different Victory model bikes, owners and their partners. what a fantastic group Victory motorcycles introduced us into.

When all the current crap disappears the fact that we all ride a quality machine, eye catcher's and stand out machine with people we know have similar ideals in motorcycles is what it is about.

As owners we cannot speak too highly of our machines, even with the negativity of the site. The bikes still are top of the tree. The people we meet and greet, top of the tree.

If you can't get a big cheezy grin when your on your Victory, if you can't give a positive spin on your victory ride, if you can't give a positive spin on the fun you have had on the rides. Best you sell your victory and buy a scoota.

Tell us all why you purchased your Victory, what's so special about it, whats your story, I love my Victory and as we continue to grow as a group and spice up our machines, the heads just keep turning. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ride a quality machine and meet people who I consider are the top of the tree.

Remember "Hammers" rule


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Wayne thanks for this info. Seems the Avon Cobras are very much favoured from my research.

What I like about them is that with the wide 250 Dunlop tyre the base of the tyre is markedly flat, but with the Avon, it has a much more rounded profile and enables the tyre to have a much more useable surface on the road.

Nice Looking Jackpot !

My story starts in 2005.  I had never rode a motorcycle, so I was looking for an American icon HD Heritage Softail.  While working at the firehouse where I am a volunteer, a fellow firefighter pulled on a bike I had never seen before.  After talking to him a bit, I found out it was a 2002 V92 Cruiser Deluxe.  I also found out it was for sale.  All the Harleys I had been looking at were in the early 90's with a lot of miles.  This bike was in my budget and only had 2400 miles on it.  Needless to say, I purchased the bike.  I am so happy that I ended up with the Victory. Today, I have over 40200 miles on it.  I have been in every state on the east coast of the US, and met many fellow Victory riders. I also have many friends I have never met face to face on a web site called Victory Riders Network.  It's amazing how a motorcycle brand can bring so many people together from so many different countries, and life styles.  We may all have different views of the world, but we are all still family, a Victory family.


Well said Rick, and its great to read your story and be welcome in your family

Cheers mate

I bought a Harley sportster. Kept it for just 12 months only then traded it on a Victory. The bike I should have purchased in the first place. Handles better, much smoother ride and, I can see in the rear view mirrors at any speed.

And of course the power and good looks are awesome as well.

Steve H

Good to hear your happy with the Judge Steve, all good reports to date, and yes they do look and perform fantastic.

Enjoy your ride



Ju,st finished watching the DVD "Why We Ride" what a fantastic documentary, the enjoyment, emotion history and raw pride of riding bikes. The stories of how and why people ride, from the young to the ageless (Sorry Trevor) the stories are endless but entertaining. I have ordered additional copies of which will be up for grabs later this month. Keep watching the VRN for the details on how to get a copy.


Stay up right


The Cat and The Bat, back on the road, coming to a city near you!

Noice !

Looking good Col.!

12 months of Victory Vegas ownership and I've covered 35,000 kilometers!...Every one of them enjoyable!



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