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So you purchased a Victory, hmmm did you make the right purchase? Did you get the model you went into the store to buy? Do you love your bike? Are you having a great time with your bike?

I have had my hammer for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with my model and my purchase.  I couldn't be happier with the service I get in store. Scotty, Grant, Jamie, Mel and all the tech staff always give me the thumbs up of welcome when in the store.

But I didn't buy the bike so I could get a coffee, even though it is nice to be offered one every now and then.

My work restricts my time in the saddle, but when I get the opportunity I love getting out to ride. I have met some great people along the journey and that's what Victory introduced us too. The journey is important, the  different Victory model bikes, owners and their partners. what a fantastic group Victory motorcycles introduced us into.

When all the current crap disappears the fact that we all ride a quality machine, eye catcher's and stand out machine with people we know have similar ideals in motorcycles is what it is about.

As owners we cannot speak too highly of our machines, even with the negativity of the site. The bikes still are top of the tree. The people we meet and greet, top of the tree.

If you can't get a big cheezy grin when your on your Victory, if you can't give a positive spin on your victory ride, if you can't give a positive spin on the fun you have had on the rides. Best you sell your victory and buy a scoota.

Tell us all why you purchased your Victory, what's so special about it, whats your story, I love my Victory and as we continue to grow as a group and spice up our machines, the heads just keep turning. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ride a quality machine and meet people who I consider are the top of the tree.

Remember "Hammers" rule


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heres my Dyno sheet, RED LINE is before Torque tubes, with all my mods and a Ness filter/airbox.

GREEN LINE is after Torquetubes and a retune.

Gained a little torque and a little HP too, but these Vtwins drive more on torque, specially without hotter cams, note the smoother line as in smoother delivery of torque and HP after the tubes were fitted.

Ease of filter cleaning is a huge plus though as the fuel tank doesnt have to come off to clean and re-oil the K&N filter pods.

Torque is right up there around a well breathing 106 (remember mines a Vegas 100 cube)

the extra six cubes does make a difference in horsepower and graphs I've seen with hotter cams are something else again.

 BUT  my Vic is mosly ridden between 2000 and 4500rpm and in that range its a Torque Monster so I'm very happy with the performance of my heavy breathing Victory Vegas...Overjoyed!


Good to see your right into it Chris, what do you intend to do with your ride, i.e max HP etc, keep us posted mate

What do I intend to do with my ride?.....Enjoy it...Ride it.

At the moment it's got great usable torque from 2000--4250 where it drops back under 100 ft/lb.

And the Lloydz ATS  timing wheel @ 4 deg. really wakes it up sub 2500rpm.

The reality is most riding of a Victory is in that rev range 2000- 3500, and really there's quite satisfactory performance changing up around 3000-3500...acceleration is brisk, crisp, and the exhaust note a joy to behold using the heavy breathing torque.

Sure cams or a bigger bore, or indeed both would boost both the torque and Horsepower from 4000 upwards at a rapidly rising rate all the way to 6,200 with 'rev-extend' utilised on the Power Commander.

I've seen Dyno Graphs of 120/120 and 130/130 with cams and big bore kits easily obtained through Lloydz Hard On Horsepower  business.

 BUT.... with the gain in the top end there's a definite drop off in torque from 2000-3000 which in reality is where most riders ride .

Unless you're on a drag strip, or taking on a hot Harley away from the lights, and then it's real easy to get carried away and spin the revs up to hit the limiter in no time at all...

These Vic's don't mind revving but unless you have the bigger cubes of a 106 or bigger kit, combined with hotter cams, as well as the mandatory breathing enhancements of a good set of pipes and a free breathing filter, then the revving is fairly pointless as everythings falling away rapidly in both torque and horsepower..

So I'm either happy with what I've got now, or I spend a few more grand on cubes and cams, which really are quite affordable.

Power corrupts, so they say, ..had I started with a 106 with the breathing enhancements I'm running then I daresay my power would be up around the 110hp and torque around 100 but holding up much deeper into the higher rev range.

The bikes a cruiser, with balls, I like it!...

Had a GPZ900r Kawasaki previous it had razor sharp handling and breaking , plenty ground clearance, was quick over the 1/4 mile and would sit on 240kph for hours on long straight roads out west...but hey I sold that bike for something a bit more laid Victory....

Horses for courses I reckon.

(just don't let me ride a bike with cams or I may just want one :-)

Look out licence points  hahahaha, its great to hear the individual stories on what each owner wants to do with these bikes. Everyone is different and we like our bikes to be a little different too, it maybe in looks or it maybe in performance or even both, it good that we all appreciate the Victory product and keen to pass the word onto those needing converting lmao....

How good are the comments and information on "Victory Motorcycle Owners Group" on facebook, all positive and interesting comments. A passion shared all over the world. Great stuff Victory

Jan 2013 bit the bullet and purchased my first bike, a Yamaha 650 classic, at the age of  57 years young. Wife had been riding for 5 years and was then on a HD Sportster 883 which has now been upgraded to a 1200. I then spent the next 15 months (on Ls and 12mth probationary restrictions) trying to work out what I would purchase at the end of my 15 mths. By the way loved riding the yammie. Selection came down to a Victory or HD after considering a whole range of cruiser/touring bikes. While I believe the HDs are great bikes, I just kept coming back to the Melb Victory shop and was not only impressed with the bikes but the staff were friendly, very tolerant and very welcoming each time I came back. Can't say the same for the staff at Harley Heaven. So May 26 this year rode away on a new Victory Vision and haven't stopped smiling. So far have ridden to Warrnambool & Port Fairy, Healsville, Alexandra, Euroa, Benalla area, Melbourne to Bairnsdale (home) and around home - always smiling. The VV gets plenty of attention. At 6ft 3ins I find I have plenty of room for body and legs and seat is extremely comfortable.  Love the engine - plenty of power. Size was the most daunting initially especially as first full day of riding began by leaving Melb (Carlton) at 7.30 am in peak hour traffic, thank god I was heading out of the city to Geelong but somewhat a baptism by fire for the first 40 mins. Only issue I have is I am not too sure about the Dunlop Elite 3 tyres when the road is wet - they seem to get a bit twitchy. Happy to get suggestions on tyre selection.

Yeah the stock Dunslops aren't very confidence inspiring particularly in the wet are they.

Ive gone to Pirelli Night Dragons and they stick like the proverbial shit to a blanket.

I too came up from an XS650, sad to see it go but my Victory Vegas 100/6 just outshines it in every way!

Chris thanks for this info.

Great Story Sean,

   Good to read your story and see the Victory family gave you some good intel on the tyres that are available, look forward to catching up on a ride. Always good to catch up with another Vision Pilot.


Stay up right

Thanks Colin :)

Now I have a little different story about the Dunlops on my Vision, I like the way they handle on dry roads, great feel/feedback in cornering & all other aspects, 90% of our riding is two up fully loaded as well, yes I agree they are ordinary to poor in the wet "but so am I" LOL so ride accordingly to the conditions knowing what I can expect from the Dunlops. On replacing my Vision Tours Tyre's "I get about 9000k out of a set" I put a lot of thought/research into changing the brand 'but' I've got so used to the way the Vision handles on the origional Dunlop Tyre's, including many miles of fairly hard ridding, I was reluctant to change from Dunlops that I've got so comfortable with, I guess if I had the opertunitys to do a few miles on another brand prior to a big Ride and dial in so to speak I may change in the future but again I'm pretty happy with the Dunlops at this stage.

Just had a set of Avon Cobras fitted to my Jackpot, and right from the moment I rode out of the shop I knew they were completely different to the stock Dunlops, these tyres actually let me lean the bike into corners and I didn't have to steer it through them. On the weekend I came down into a fast left hander and discovered halfway through it, that there was water on the road and the whole apex of the corner was wet, with the Dunlop it would have meant panic stations but the Avons just swept through the wet road as if it was dry. I find the ride a lot more positive and am even more happy with the bike now, as I didn't think it was possible to be more happy than I was. Avons are a dearer tyre but the difference in the ride is worth every cent.




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