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So you purchased a Victory, hmmm did you make the right purchase? Did you get the model you went into the store to buy? Do you love your bike? Are you having a great time with your bike?

I have had my hammer for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with my model and my purchase.  I couldn't be happier with the service I get in store. Scotty, Grant, Jamie, Mel and all the tech staff always give me the thumbs up of welcome when in the store.

But I didn't buy the bike so I could get a coffee, even though it is nice to be offered one every now and then.

My work restricts my time in the saddle, but when I get the opportunity I love getting out to ride. I have met some great people along the journey and that's what Victory introduced us too. The journey is important, the  different Victory model bikes, owners and their partners. what a fantastic group Victory motorcycles introduced us into.

When all the current crap disappears the fact that we all ride a quality machine, eye catcher's and stand out machine with people we know have similar ideals in motorcycles is what it is about.

As owners we cannot speak too highly of our machines, even with the negativity of the site. The bikes still are top of the tree. The people we meet and greet, top of the tree.

If you can't get a big cheezy grin when your on your Victory, if you can't give a positive spin on your victory ride, if you can't give a positive spin on the fun you have had on the rides. Best you sell your victory and buy a scoota.

Tell us all why you purchased your Victory, what's so special about it, whats your story, I love my Victory and as we continue to grow as a group and spice up our machines, the heads just keep turning. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ride a quality machine and meet people who I consider are the top of the tree.

Remember "Hammers" rule


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+ 1 Colin
Well said !
My story started when I started to see these awesome looking bike in the Live to ride and Oz bike mags. I remember saying to some one " these bike must be really really good, because these guys don't like anything else but Harley's"
I then started to search these bike and seen the 2009 Red/Black HammerS and told my old man that I would give up my current HD Deuce for that bike. I searched eBay,bike sales and even considered importing one. I sold my bike and bought a in between Triumph sprint while waiting. Two years past and a mate sent me an email one day of a Victory for sale in Brisbane very cheap. Too cheap I thought must be a scam. The owner posted that night with MAKE AN OFFER OR BUY NOW and someone had already made an offer. Against all of my instincts and totally against my normal conservative buying habit. I clicked on buy now and bought a bike I had never seen and know nothing about. 24 hrs past and a million messages and I did not hear from the seller. I was heart broken ;( I thought my instincts were right and that it was another scam. Then on the 2nd day I got a phone call from the seller and it was all legit.. We jumped in the car the next day travel the 600+km to pick up up. When we arrive she was covered in dust ( she had been sit under the house for 6 mths) the owner didnt know how to start it so she advertised it with 10,000 km . Imagine my surprise when I turned the key and seen 4600km. She had the original pipes and owners manual. I did the revs check and police check gave her the cash and got the bike out of there before she changed her mind. The whole way home I was waiting for something to break or fall off or something bad to happen. This can not be true. This bike is awesome and she just gave it to me ?? I kept thinking that this type of thing happens to other people not me:)
It's been about 1 1/2 years now and I still cannot believe my luck.
I love my Jackpot. She is the best bike I have ever had and every time I get on her I find something more I love about her.
Thank you Victory for making such an awesome machine.

I have had excellent service from both the Brisbane and Melbourne shop and Rollie's. They have always been happy to answer my questions.
The American guys at RPW and Llyods are awesome also and are always happy to help with any advice or performance products.
Cheers Suzie
I was tossing up between the new Guzzi 1400 California and waiting until the Honda Valkyrie comes out later this year, decided to visit Victory Brisbane on a whim, saw my XR on the floor, test rode a XC as there was no XR demo, then spent a couple of weeks weighing up everything ( I'm an engineer it's what we do) and comparing the service and treatment I received between the Guzzi,Honda and Victory dealers . Hands down it was the Victory. I cannot believe how good it is to ride , my previous bike was a Ducati Multistrada 1200S and I have a GSXR1000 track bike so I like bikes that handle well. The suspension and alloy frame of the XC is such quality kit and the fit and finish is superb.
I never quite bonded to the Multistrada and barely rode it,the XC has clocked in a month 1/4 of the km I did on the Multi in 2 yrs. it's the sports bike riders cruiser yet has that plush long travel rear suspension. I'm hooked and the wife is already planning some long trips she is so happy on the back.

Ah Colin, I believe I was at the Brisbane store when you rode off looking very pleased with yourself. I was working in Sydney and at one stage had to pass the Victory store in Ashfield when I became a regular drooling drop in, James tried to get me on the weekend tryout but unfortunately work prevented taking advantage. I returned to the Goldcoast and went straight to Rollies  who happened to have a red and silver Cross Country, which for a moment I had until they realised it had been sold. On the phone to James in Sydney and he found one in Melboune. Down to Sydney to pickup and ride back to GC having never rode a Victory. Well the trip out of Sydney on 28th December with holiday traffic and extreme heat was very interesting to say the least. When finally breaking free somewhere north of Hornsby I just reveled in the ride. Yes, the head took a bit of a battering as I had not hit the forums at this stage but soon sorted with Madstad bracket and JTD lowers so now really enjoying it when I can. I am trying to get to the Brisbane rides But either work or home duties prevent, I will get there soon

Thank you Colin for your positive story on this site, it is a refreshing change to hear a positive post rather than the other crap we have had to read.

My purchase was simple, I didn't even test ride the bike, in saying that I did do a lot of research on the net and drove the wife and kids nuts.... I loved the look of the Jackpot and when I sat on it I was hooked !

The ride and finish is second to none and the looks and comments that I receive does wonders for the ego.

I can't say a bad word about the guys in the Sydney store and have always been treated with great service and respect, I was really sorry to hear that James was leaving as he was fantastic in all the dealings I had when purchasing the bike. I think he was just as excited as I was when I picked it up..

We all have choices in life and I am so happy that I chose to purchase a Victory, its unique it every way and I for one am proud to be a part of the Victory Family.

The only thing I disagree with you Colin is that Jackpots Rule !!!!!!!

Stay safe and hope to see you one day on the road..


My story is simple 01/05/09, Brought it, Ride it, Love It, Live it, Now I have two, therefore I am Victory! Victory's Rock-
Oh and Colin "Jackpots Rule" you know it!


Ha Ha! Hay Colin shortest thing I've ever written on the VRN Eh! LOL! Great feed back so far!
Agree Tony - Jackpots Rule!!! The non sports bikes... Lol

Yeah lets keep this a negativity-free thread. My motorcycling path began a tad over 30 years ago going thru a string of Japanese & British twins, a '90 FXR (my first new bike) and a GSXR1100 before taking a 8 year break to buy a house etc. In 2009 a mate (who had also had a break) turned up with his new Rocket 3 and sent me off on a ride on it. I was (re)hooked, and with my wife's encouragement I bought a brand new Triumph T100 and set about spending another $6K on it over the next 4 years, also picking up a KLR650 in 2012 to use on the dirt roads up here. 

I was quite happy with the Bonnie but developing arthritis in my hip meant I was becoming more and more uncomfortable on it so in early 2013 I began casting around for something to replace it. Knees-up bikes were out because of my hip, so I had it narrowed down to a Thunderbird or a Guzzi Cali 1400 Custom. I didn't seriously consider a HD because I couldn't be bothered with the 'badass' baggage that come with them. In the process I called Greg Burns at Brisans to chat about my Bonnie (he sold it to me) and he said 'have you thought about a Vic?'

Well, I hadn't so I did a bit of web surfing and decided I liked the Hammer S, so I went down and saw Greg and had a ride on a Hammer S, a Boardwalk & a Vegas. I was hooked.

While working out how to pay for it I found the Victory Aust. site and saw they had a demo in Sydney at a reduced price. Spoke to James and he told me the demo was gone but he had a good '09 Hammer S on the floor. As I was able to buy it without borrowing money I bought it sight unseen and I am now a very happy and content Victory owner and will tell anyone who listens how good they are.

I was a bit apprehensive 'cos I like my corners but the Hammer surprised me with its cornering ability considering it's considerable size. Yes I go thru footpegs and boots but hey, you can't have everything.

I love it to bits. I've added Ness engine covers, and the -1.25" footpeg conversion for my short legs plus some heated grips and an Airhawk 'R'. The bike came with Vic 2 into 1 Stage 1 kit and chrome risers and bars and apart from getting different blinkers down the track I don't have too much I want to tinker with. Put a K & N airfilter on (runs better) and Avon Cobras (handles better).

James and the guys at the Sydney shop were great thru the whole process. had a few small issues with wrong parts going back and forth giving Aus Post something to do but it was all sorted.

So one very happy Hammer S owner 12 months down the track. The bike attracts a huge amount of attention from people, which is not really my thing, but is an opportunity to tell them that it is even more awesome to ride than it looks. Funny conflict how I think everyone should have one but loving the rarity. Down the track as my body disintegrates further I might have to go to a Cross bike but for now I am like a pig in shit.

My only two regrets are that I didn't buy one sooner, and that Greg didn't get the sale after putting a bit of effort in with me. Maybe if I decide to buy a Cross bike one day I'll be able to make it up to him then.

My mate with the Rocket 3 was suitably impressed after riding the Hammer and has recently changed to a Vegas 8Ball.

Noooooooo  not Boardwalks as well, but why not, yessssssssss Boardwalks rule

yes they do   L O L



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