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So you purchased a Victory, hmmm did you make the right purchase? Did you get the model you went into the store to buy? Do you love your bike? Are you having a great time with your bike?

I have had my hammer for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with my model and my purchase.  I couldn't be happier with the service I get in store. Scotty, Grant, Jamie, Mel and all the tech staff always give me the thumbs up of welcome when in the store.

But I didn't buy the bike so I could get a coffee, even though it is nice to be offered one every now and then.

My work restricts my time in the saddle, but when I get the opportunity I love getting out to ride. I have met some great people along the journey and that's what Victory introduced us too. The journey is important, the  different Victory model bikes, owners and their partners. what a fantastic group Victory motorcycles introduced us into.

When all the current crap disappears the fact that we all ride a quality machine, eye catcher's and stand out machine with people we know have similar ideals in motorcycles is what it is about.

As owners we cannot speak too highly of our machines, even with the negativity of the site. The bikes still are top of the tree. The people we meet and greet, top of the tree.

If you can't get a big cheezy grin when your on your Victory, if you can't give a positive spin on your victory ride, if you can't give a positive spin on the fun you have had on the rides. Best you sell your victory and buy a scoota.

Tell us all why you purchased your Victory, what's so special about it, whats your story, I love my Victory and as we continue to grow as a group and spice up our machines, the heads just keep turning. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ride a quality machine and meet people who I consider are the top of the tree.

Remember "Hammers" rule


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Hi Trevor,

There was a Boardwalk in the shop, but it was the Jackpot's special paint and the way it looked to her that attracted her to it, and I just didn't care !! I just wanted the bloody thing lolol. :)

Well it must be my turn now.  Bought my Kingpin Tour way back in November of 08.  Thanks to the missus steering me away from the Harley stand at the October 08 Motorcycle Expo and into what I thought was a custom bike builders display I instantly fell in love with the Kingpin.  Bought one three weeks later without test sampling but spent many many hours surfing the US bike tests on the Internet(Kingpin took out the US cruiser award in 07).

Since the purchase I have spent a couple of bucks on it fitting shotguns, fuel controller, S&S air filter and 2 inch over forward controls.  The great thing with the Kingpin is you can transform the bike from full tour to pillion and top box to pillion and also into solo seat transformation.

Needless to say the love affair with the Pin still goes on even with a few testing electrical issues last year which my Harley mates sorted out.  So thanks to Darryl Storey and Peter Harvey for putting me on Misspin and a special mention to Karen for steering me in the right direction.

Oh, and I reckon Misspin rules.

Hi John,

Misspin has given you plenty of pleasure and more to come, look forward to catching up one day for a ride, great story and good reading. You may see Darryl sooner than you know at Victory

Darryl Storie eh! Ye Ha! Bring him back! The Man returns? I hope!

Well my story begins in 2009 went to bike expo in Melbourne was looking at a Harley with my wife went to the victory stand and fell for the premium Jackpot any way months after  went into the shop took a jackpot for a ride not know my wife brought a jackpot for Christmas for me l remember Chris saying to me that this is the last green jackpot in stock when we left told victory l would think about went back two weeks before Christmas to have another look at the bike told the wife l was going se had to think quick rang Chris when l got there the bike was gone to my disappointment they told me that it was at private show got the shits up walked out rang the misses told her that the bike was gone and was heading to Harley any way Christmas morning a bike come up the drive to my surprise 1 Green Jackpot  on my third bike at Victory now which is a Ness Cross Country Have meet a lot of great people.   


How does the XC compare to the others Wayne, they look to have a great seat height and a lower centre of gravity.

Great story Wayne and your wife is awesome!

Thank you Warren, I agree, she is a real keeper lolol.

Was in Melb so went in the Victory shop for a look.  My better half liked the 2013 Vision so I bought it.  This bike was so good we did a years riding in 2 months.  Then sold our really good FJR AS as I preferred the Vision in every aspect.  Better than a Wing or a Dyna we had by far.  Only thing I have added is a rider backrest.  We mainly ride the roads from East Gippsland into the hills.

A fair bit of negativity hanging about, so on a positive note, just an up date on the "Batbike" re build, Melbourne team has removed the tin's and off to the airbrush artist Shaun Farugia they have gone. Shaun is also doing some more art on the cowl being fitted as the superfly above the head light. All replacement items are on the way and we hope to have the Batbike back on the road by mid July.

Vic-Tri Chief M/cycles are quoting up some new derby covers for me and will then manufacture them for the Batbike.

Remember they do more than just servicing, give them a call or drop them a line, I am sure you won't be disappointed... Stay tuned for the new look "Batbike"

Hi Colin

Your post is spot on, and in some ways I can relate too. I purchased my Kingpin new from Eliz. st Melb in 2009. I loved this style bike so much I had it taken to a custom shop and had a custom paint job done on her as well as nearly every accessory and chrome I could get my hands on.

Trouble is, as you say, work and other things restrict my riding. So much so that the Kingpin has only just clicked over 2600 K's (since new).

I do have a query though, when the bike sits for so long without riding, should the oil be changed anyway? I have a battery conditioner attached as well as put fuel conditioner in the tank.

And I do always smile when I see her in the garage, let alone out on the road, (when I can)




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