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So you purchased a Victory, hmmm did you make the right purchase? Did you get the model you went into the store to buy? Do you love your bike? Are you having a great time with your bike?

I have had my hammer for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with my model and my purchase.  I couldn't be happier with the service I get in store. Scotty, Grant, Jamie, Mel and all the tech staff always give me the thumbs up of welcome when in the store.

But I didn't buy the bike so I could get a coffee, even though it is nice to be offered one every now and then.

My work restricts my time in the saddle, but when I get the opportunity I love getting out to ride. I have met some great people along the journey and that's what Victory introduced us too. The journey is important, the  different Victory model bikes, owners and their partners. what a fantastic group Victory motorcycles introduced us into.

When all the current crap disappears the fact that we all ride a quality machine, eye catcher's and stand out machine with people we know have similar ideals in motorcycles is what it is about.

As owners we cannot speak too highly of our machines, even with the negativity of the site. The bikes still are top of the tree. The people we meet and greet, top of the tree.

If you can't get a big cheezy grin when your on your Victory, if you can't give a positive spin on your victory ride, if you can't give a positive spin on the fun you have had on the rides. Best you sell your victory and buy a scoota.

Tell us all why you purchased your Victory, what's so special about it, whats your story, I love my Victory and as we continue to grow as a group and spice up our machines, the heads just keep turning. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ride a quality machine and meet people who I consider are the top of the tree.

Remember "Hammers" rule


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I think you have a bias view lol, maybe you should be on a power house Hammer  lol

Old Man's bike. HAMMERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ye gday mate I test rode the boardwalk around the nth east hills of melbourne , I didnt like the wide bars so when I went back to victory in melbourne, scott got me to try the judge which I rode around the city and that was fun but I really wanted a cruiser so upon my return to the store I noticed a used cross roads on the footpath , well after riding it I was so excited that I finally found the bike that suited me being 5ft 7 I feel very comfortable on it .I ended up buying a new 2012 model cross roads soft bagger and I am delighted after only one day on it.

100% Webby, Victory Hammer's are number 1  yeahhhhhh

Maybe it's a Boardwalk I need Trevor to stay up right lmao

I've been riding for 50 years now, with a break of about 15 years while I did the house and family thing in the late 70's & 80's, I've been looking longingly at the Victory range for the last 6 or 7 years and have always had a little drool over them. I've been riding a bit of a chopper for the last 6 years and my wife has given me a nudge to look for a bike she could come on the back of when I'm out riding as she is getting tired of riding her own bike lately. I went into the new Brisbane shop to test ride a XCountry, and the boys there were fantastic, they put me on a new XCountry Tour and off I went into the blue towards Redcliffe, I'd never ridden a bike with floorboards except for an old H/D WLA when I was 14 and I kept forgetting to allow for the floorboards when I came to a stop, made for a couple of interesting juggling stances at lights. I rode the bike for about an hour and liked the power and the handling was great and the brakes were outstanding, but those floorboards just kept tripping me up. I got back to the shop and looked at the bike and thought that I'd better get used to the floorboards, as my wife loved the back seat so very much.

We walked back into the shop and I saw a really pretty Black and White Jackpot sitting in the line of bikes for sale, my good wife said in my ear "My God, look at that bike, isn't it beautiful" I could barely speak as I was looking at it's amazing lines and the blend of Chrome and Paint, all I could manage was a grunt. At that point the salesman came over and asked what I'd thought about the XCountry, my wife chipped in and asked how much the beautiful black and white bike was, the salesman told her, and I saw her jaw visibly drop ! she asked him again and looked at me, she didn't even hesitate, she walked over to me, leaned over and said you have to get that bike !! it is one of the loveliest bikes I've ever seen. Now gentleman I ask you !! who in their right mind wants to argue with their wife when she tells you to buy the bike you've been fantasizing over for months? What could I say but "Yes Dear" and turned to the sales man and said where do I sign ?

It took a couple of days to sort out but I got the phone call to go in and collect my bike just over a week later, it was a demo bike but it's a very rare model with a wonderful little Pin-Up girl on the side panel, my wife told me later that she thought the Pin-Up girl was what clinched it for her, she thought it looked classy, because she was covered up and it looked tasteful. I've had the bike about 2 months now, and I'm like I was 50 years ago, all keen and eager to go out for a ride, and I don't need much of an excuse to get my Victory out to hear it rumble down the road under me. Oh Yeah I forgot to mention, my wife said that she was happy to keep riding her bike for another few years yet but she wants to have a ride on the Victory as well, She will ................ one day !!


Fantastic story for you and your wife Wayne, tell her to hang in there for a victory, my wife has a Vegas low and absolutely loves it. My wife was on a Harley sportser low and victory Melb asked what would it take to get her onto a victory, so after a test ride on the Vegas the deal was done. Now she has done her own personal custom job on the machine and loves it.

Well done man to you and your wife.



Great story Wayne and Mrs Wayne. They are defiantly lovable bike. Jackpots Rule !

Nooooooo, its Hammer Time

Thanks Suzie, I agree with you, Jackpots Rule lolol Sorry Colin ;)

Nice to see u happy m8.


A happy wife is a happy life ( Well that's what they say anyway lol ).

Well Trev, Wayne has said it all - it's fact that Jackpots are the most awesome machines.. Lol



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