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I installed a set of VM1 Cams on my Jackpot last night. Double triple double checked timing, torque every thing, used the sequence to bolt the carrier back down. Followed all the guides. When I cranked her up this morning there is a defiant valve train noise coming from the front cylinder. I ran it for a while Run (+10min) and it doesn't go away. I've googled and forum searched to see if anyone else has had this and I found one post with the same issue and everyone just said it was normal. I know there are heaps of threads about valve train noises but I was wondering if any noticed a big increase since a cam install? What is excessive and what is normal noise ?
We have taken the cover off and checked for anything obvious , cam chain and sprockets are new so we are confident it isn't that. We have checked the tensioner and it appears to be working fine. Oil galleries are putting heaps of oil on the cam and rollers. There is a bit of noise when you push and pull the lifters, not sure whether it is excessive of normal. I took a video of it if anyone know and want to compare with their bike noise. I have spoken to a victory dealer who said that it is not normal to have increase in noise and we have run through all of their suggestion. I'm really wanting to get some more wisdom from others that may have had same issue or may have some more suggestions.
Thanks in advance

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Looking good Jason !
Check out Aussie Jackpots for an update..

Hi have you noticed any increase to the performance

I sure can ! She puts a big smile on my face every time it hope on her. Good tuning afterwards is important to.

Thanks for that I am thinking of doing the same to my High Ball.

Cheers Phillip

All of Lloyds stuff are great mods. Not sire if you are a member but . "The VOG" forum is great for feedback on things available. They are great bikes standard and realistically they have more than enough for our speed limits here in Aus. But if you are looking at improving on already awesome, then look towards the Lloyds gear best bang for buck.



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