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I installed a set of VM1 Cams on my Jackpot last night. Double triple double checked timing, torque every thing, used the sequence to bolt the carrier back down. Followed all the guides. When I cranked her up this morning there is a defiant valve train noise coming from the front cylinder. I ran it for a while Run (+10min) and it doesn't go away. I've googled and forum searched to see if anyone else has had this and I found one post with the same issue and everyone just said it was normal. I know there are heaps of threads about valve train noises but I was wondering if any noticed a big increase since a cam install? What is excessive and what is normal noise ?
We have taken the cover off and checked for anything obvious , cam chain and sprockets are new so we are confident it isn't that. We have checked the tensioner and it appears to be working fine. Oil galleries are putting heaps of oil on the cam and rollers. There is a bit of noise when you push and pull the lifters, not sure whether it is excessive of normal. I took a video of it if anyone know and want to compare with their bike noise. I have spoken to a victory dealer who said that it is not normal to have increase in noise and we have run through all of their suggestion. I'm really wanting to get some more wisdom from others that may have had same issue or may have some more suggestions.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Suzie,

I will review the video in more depth with the chief on Monday and will give you a call.. You said that it is the front cylinder that is the most notable increase in valve tapping..

We have installed many sets of the VM1 and done a lot of head work of late at VIC-TRI CHIEF..this is what we have noticed..

I have definilty noticed a lot of inconsistency in the grind of cams packed as VM1 and have sent a few sets back in the past as they where not usable.. We now measure every pair before install for consistency.

Secondly the haudrulic lifter has 2 very fine springs in the lifter (they live internaly) where it meets the valve to assist the haudrulic function.. This can also at times get blocked with grit or dust not allowing it to perform to its maximum function and the result is increase in valve tapping noise..

Are you running the standard valve and spring combo or have these been upgraded to the stainless one piece valves with high lift springs?

I will get the CHIEF to review and make contact ok as he is the brains of the operation I'm just the looks:)
Thanks for the advice Jimbob, I never consider that they could be a defect in the cam. We have just been brainstorming in the shed for hours. I've taken her for a slow run nothing over 3000rpm and other than the noise it's feels great.
I'm running the standard valve springs. I bought the VM1 so I wouldn't need to upgrade.
It would be great to get some help on this from the Cheif
Lol on the looks.

Thanks everyone, I have put a thicker oil in her and taken her for a ride or two. I have taken the advice from a mechanic and a few others and decided that it is a normal noise. I've ordered the Victory Oil and will change it back when it arrives.

She is now pulling like a freight train on steroids and surprisingly smoother than ever. I have put a generic map I got off the Power commander site made a few changes in spots I thought were a bit lean and checking the plugs constantly. I will get her dyno'ed a soon as I can. 

I must say the noise is annoying the hell out of me and I wish it wasn't there but the benefits these cams have brought to the smoothness of my bike both down low and up high and the extra power I'm feeling, I will have to get stronger earplugs or turn my music up louder. 

Anyone thinking of getting these cams (or any others of the Llyodz cam) I would highly recommended it. All of their product are high quality and these particular cams were surprisingly easy to put in. Do not be discourage from this post as ultimately I'm am very happy with them. 

Good to hear you are  happy, have fun on the track

Nice work Suzie, mine should be in over the next month, will be interesting to see how they go. It will be dynoed at the same time.
Have you got your cams in yet Jason? If so what do you think :)

Hi Suzi, my bike is in for a makeover and the Cams have been fitted but the engine is still out of the bike, I will let you know in a few weeks how it goes.

Few weeks ??? Sounds like a big make over. Can't wait to see and hear of the finish product. Took my girl out for the weekend and I must say these cams are very nice. They make a nice note too.

Makeover are usually for ugly people to make them pretty. Your girl was already a looker so I can't imagine what you are doing. Judging by the pic it looks like more than just a touch up.

Coming back together, new LED Number plate with integrated brake light and turn signals.. More to come....



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