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Hello Folks!
I am a newbie on this forum and need some help. I own a 2000 v92sc. I am going through batteries like tissue paper. I have tried all different brands, used several different tenders...nothing. I have to disconnect the positive terminal every time I ride, or the battery goes DEAD! Now my odometer has zeroed out. I also get some funky readouts on the trip computer, and instrument cluster. Does anybody know what is wrong, and a fix....if there is one??


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hi Panacea , several items here, 1. is your charging circuit actually putting out and how much, [ don't have a manual in front of me, & don't know if yours is the same as my 04 vegas ] if it is indeed charging , during normal riding it may not be enough to keep the batt charged up, do you have any after market accessories, lights, etc. and of course , charging is fine, regulator is fine , batt is not holding a charge, 2. most logical place to look to me would check for a drain on your batt when not being ridden.
the way to check is with an analog multimeter , disconnect the positive batt cable , connect one jumper of your meter to the batt post, then turn on your meter to 12 v dc the needle will be on zero , connect the other end to the cable you removed from the batt , the meter should not move , [ remember, all switches, lights, off ] if the meter moves that indicates you have a draw and will have to be traced down, to the offending culprit.

you will need a service manual, either factory or clymer both have wiring schematics. also i didn't ask do you have a burgular alarm or lojack on the bike as they will draw a small amount of currant when the key is off ?

hope this helps some, steve
Thanks Steve.

I do not have any accs or an alarm. I think there is a drain. I will get a meter on it tomorrow and let you know what I find.

I seem to recall an upgrade or recall for the alternator maybe in those years. Check with your dealer, or maybe someone else will respond as well, but I distinctly remember an electrical system related upgrade for those early bikes.
The early bikes have a small, constant drain on the battery due to the nature of the MFD. However, it shouldn't be enough of a drain to kill the battery overnight, or even after sitting for a week or two. If the bike is not ridden daily it should be left on a battery tender.

Another matter is the wimpy alternator the 1999-2001 bikes came with. The stock 28 amp alternator barely keeps up the charge while cruising, and doesn't cut it at all at idle. Victory switched to a 38 amp alternator in 2002 and an upgrade kit is available from Victory for the older bikes and it is highly recommended. EFI bikes like the Victory are highly voltage dependent and the bigger alternator solves a lot of issues many riders have had with their 1st-gen Victorys, like poor running/idling; frequent TPS adjustments or replacements; frequent battery replacements and even frequent headlight replacements. Since installing the upgrade on my '01 I have had no more electrical issues and only use a battery tender when I know the bike is going to sit idle for awhile.

The kit retails for about $300 and includes a new voltage rectifier. It can be installed at home, if you are mechanically inclined. You will also need the left side engine cover gasket, as it is not included in the kit.
Interesting would you have the upgrade kit number? Tried going through Victory and got no help. As for some of these other issues with the victory dying then restarting, after I changed my regulator all my operability issues went away. I have added additional lights and with the lights on the bike only charges 12.8 volts but with them off it will charge 14.5+ (new battery). I have had operability issues since I purchased it in 2004 (2000SC) spent a ton of money on repairs at the Evansville Victory dealer to fix it myself with a used part from ebay.
Thanks for all the help. Looks like I need the upgrade. However, I am still curious as to why a battery tender does not keep the battery in good shape? Meaning....if I do not ride the bike for 3 weeks (with the tender on the battery) when I go to start the bike, the battery will be dead.
I am putting a set of 16" ape hangers on my 2000 v92sc. Does anybody know where I can get new cables made, or where to buy? Obviously I have to add 16" to throttle, clutch and brake. Thank you.



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