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I don't like the grip quality of the Dunlop elites on the front any suggestions for a good replacement mileage isn't an issue for me just want a better gripping tyre

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And collected

Tyres are like oil and religion eveybody has an opinion,so here's mine,I went from Dunslops to the Metzler 880 and to be honest quite like them,I think there is another called the 888 but not 100% sure,I feel far mor confidant to tip the bike into a corner now that when I had the Dunlops on that is what I have found,but did notice in the last few rides after about 3500km on them,they are picking up grooves in the road a bit more,making the bike move under you

Hey guys I have  Metz on my Boardwalk and find they travel well and good on dry roads but struggle for good traction in the wet. does anyone else have this problem. 

Just joined in on the tyres. My 2014 Judge has the Dunlop elite standard set. Not bad in the dry but in any damp road grip is poor. Tail sliding out at low speed. Can't touch the brakes at all. Freaks me out not knowing if I can make it round a curve. Anyone tried Pirelli Night Dragon for cruisers, they get reasonable rating for general grip. Cheers.
On my third set of night dragons no problem scraping the shit out of the judge still a bit iffy when cold and wet but when warmed up brilliant tons of feedback and had some serious moments that would have killed me on the dunlops very happy with them and I do ride hard
After much research and forum opinion I opted for Avon Cobra's and after resetting the axle alignment twice ( the tyre fitter had a bad day ) I now have a Judge that tracks all sweepers in middle of the lane regardless of speed. Spoke to Jackpot owner on Saturday who had exactly my problem and also went for the Cobra's. The next wet day will be interesting.
Cheers all.

A tyrefitter explerienced with Victorys will know not to touch the belt adjustment or axle alignment when R and R ing the rear wheel.

Ive had a Dunlop 207 (180/55/18) on the rear of my Vegas this time around, theyre original fitment on V-rods with 180's,...grip is excellent and at 5000 kms theres still a fair bit of rubber left, I get 8000kms if Im lucky out on Night Dragons with great grip, The Dunlops are $100 cheaper but.

Good People,my 2 bobs worth in an old discussion: Avon Cobra front gave great grip, wet and dry on the 30 km between work and home, Obi Obi range and Dulong range, on a Hard Ball. It lasted 10500 km.

Elite 3 front lasted 14200 in same usage,as well as round trip Obi Obi, Broken Hill, Adelaide, GOR, Melbourne, Obi Obi, 2 up, fully loaded with Cross Country Tour topbox on. Never gave any grip problems wet or dry, but did not feel as good as Avon.  It handled sloppy dirt roads better though. It may be premature wear though, as it has to cope with the extra counter steering effort because of the Michelin Primacy radial rear.

Its being replaced next week, maybe Michelin Commander, or maybe another Cobra.

Tires seem to be such a personal choice. For Price, minimal road noise and grip wet or dry I like the Bridgestone Exedra.

Bad, you need to find a new tyre fitter mate, axle alignment and belt tension don't need to be disturbed if they know their stuff on Victorys
Baz... That is +#-+ auto correct!

On front i got a NightDragon ( Pirelly ) and the rear a METZ .... of course AVON / Bridgestone / etc are good

I took off my E3 before it was finished .... slider and slide i call it .... apparently the Dunlop E4 is much better, but that has to be proven ??



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