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I don't like the grip quality of the Dunlop elites on the front any suggestions for a good replacement mileage isn't an issue for me just want a better gripping tyre

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I'm with Wayne on this one with the Avons on my hammers s was a totally different bike ask the guys on the putty road shocked the shit out of them
Hi Stephen good choice u should be happy with the judge I am I'm still deciding whether to run out the stock tyres or replace they have good grip in the dry just don't like me in the wet as far as tyre shops go I always go to Yamaha at nerang you can find cheaper prices but I like their service

Hi ya Darcy, I just had Avon Cobras put on my Jackpot this afternoon, and just the ride home told e that they are the tyre I'll be putting on from this point on. They had a totally different feel to them and I

ve found that they allow me to lean the bike into a corner, whereas the old original Dinglaps I had to force the bike to lay down into the corners. Avons Rule Bro !! lololol 

Good to hear Wayne don't lean her too far mate:-)

My 2012 Cross Country still has the original tyres after 19,200 kilometres.  Most of this has been highway riding.

Myself, I have not had issues with the Elite 3's fitted as standard.  As you can see by the distance they have done I don't tend to ride the bike hard  (I save that for the Hayabusa).

After reading all these posts, and further Internet trawling, and almost deciding to go with the Avon Cobras I have decided to stick with the Elite 3's.

Why I hear you ask?

The Cobra is a more pointier profile tyre.  Yes it will tip in easier, but for my long distance riding I will wear out the centre very quickly.  I have had this issue with my Hayabusa and when I get the flat centre it leaves pronounce ridges that I need to be either side of when cornering or it make the bike handle weird.

With the Elite 3 I have noticed the ridges are nowhere near as pronounced and when cornering the bike just rolls over these.  Therefore the bike stays fun to ride well towards the end.

Original spec Elites were 74H load/speed rating.  I notice on my bike it is fitted with 80H and the tyres at the motorcycle store are 80H, even though the price tag on the tyre says 74H.  Somewhere along the way an upgrade has come out.

That's my $5 worth anyway.

my last rear Metzeler 180 55 18 lasted a measly 7000 kms...This time  a pair of Pirelli Night Dragons fitted again, I know I'll get 10K out of them and they stick really well.

What are youse getting out of Avon Cobras?

I'd be interested to hear what sort of k's out of the Cobra's as well .

Well this topics is similar to oils,religion,and probably a lot of other taboo topics,but heres my 2 bobs worth Metz 880 hoops,stick like shit to a blanket over the dunslaps,but evey body rides different,and has different tastes,but at this stage Im very happy with the Metzlers for sure

Thanks for the back up Greg, I'm a week into my second set of Avons, they were $100.00 dearer than the Dinglaps, but worth every cent of the $$$. I got 14Kilometers out of my Dinglaps, and only 11,800Kilometers, but for the peace of mind and the great grip on wet roads they are well worth the extra $$. I took it easy for the first 130 kms, and then the lure of the corners got me, and wellllllllll you know how it is lolol.

Wayne :)

I must ride like a sook.

20,000ks of of the dunlops.

Cobras are better in the bends - more confidence.  I have a set of Dunlops in the shed with less than 1000ks if anyone wants to buy them.  I was keeping them for a trip across the Nullarbor but probably won't be doing that.

Sold pending collection in due course.



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