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I don't like the grip quality of the Dunlop elites on the front any suggestions for a good replacement mileage isn't an issue for me just want a better gripping tyre

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Metz's - 100%

Thanks mate
The Metzs grip like shit on a blanket, and wear real quick. More durable, less sticky, but with almost as good feel are the Avon Cobras- I would recommend those. Metzs are too soft for our heavy bikes IMHO. I had chucks the size of dollar coins coming off my rear on the edges and going deep into the tyre- not good.

Try staying on the road bro ( lmfao ).

Hey Al
Yeah man the sides of my Metzs were screwed, middle was OK. Avons are all good after about 2k on them now.

Bummer about the Reds mate.

I'm still crying m8.

Hey Darcey,

Looking at tyre options for my Harley and noticed the following.

Try clicking on the following link.

There seems to be a gr8 range for your bike.

Good luck


Thanks Al I just had a look if I can't find what I need there's something wrong
Avon cobras without a doubt awesome tyre and got 11000 is out of the rear on my hammer and I ride quick most of the time

Pirelli Night Dragons are the go

I've still got a few thousand K's left on the stock Dunlops and I'm getting rid of the things, they are absolute rubbish in anything more than a light dew, I'm getting Avons put on today.

Yep the dunlops are too hard, lack feel and worst of all- are completely the wrong profile.

You wont believe the difference going to decent tyres Wayne, and the Avons are great.



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