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need new tyres for my judge .got 18000 out of the back one but its getting a little slippery has any one used any other brand than the dunlop

had the metzler on the hd they where all right any suggestion

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Hi Greg

I'm about to change my tyres, I'll be trying the Metzler Marathon 880 I heard a lot of good feedback about the Meztlers, also Avons get a good wrap. Do a search at the top of the discussion page and you'll find some previous threads.

I have had both Avon & Metzler on my Crossroads, Both are a huge improvent over the Dunlop

Only thing I didnt like about the Avon was its short life ( 10,000 and had canvas showing )

The Marathon 880 has 5,000 Ks on it and still going strong 

hi mate have the metzeler me 880s on my high ball not a lot of difference to the Dunlop it still gets it ass loose in the wet 

good to know, Avon's were good in the wet as yet haven't ridden with the Metzlers 

I couldn't trust the Dunlops in the wet, got 15,000 km out of them though. I've just about done 9,000km on the Metzler and it's worn out all over. Metzler must be a softer compound and sticks to the road, I always felt safe on it. I'll do the shop ride on the 6th it will be bald after the ride, I'm going to try an Avon next to see what that's like.



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