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Hey folks

My brother and I are planning on riding from Melbourne up to Darwin later in the year, but I'm concerned about the 200km per tank that I seem to be getting. I'm sure I can get her up to 250km per tank when on the highways in 6th gear, but it'd be nice to be able to bring additional fuel. Any ideas on fuel tanks that will fit inside these saddlebags?

Each has a storage capacity of 3080 cubic inches. Can I also get the engine tuned for long distance fuel conservation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Perfect, gonna grab me one of these.

Perfect, gonna grab me one of these.

What's t

The more K's you get on the Victorys the better the mileage gets . I have just gone passed 22,000 km . I get on average 250km around town and 280km on the hwy and that's cruising on 130 to 150 kph . The engine feels like it's only now starting to feel run in . Once the fuel light stays on solidly I usually have 3 to 3 1/2 litres left . This is on a Highball,running a Lloydz fuel controller and cams ,and the ECU remapped . On the SA side the speed limit is 110 kph ,if you cruise around that speed you should get close to 300 km's per tank ,watch for the coppers around cooper pedy . Speed limit is 130 kph in the NT with a few areas open speed limit . Hope this helps .Cheers

Hi , Don't know if this will help , but I have just completed a 3000 km trip on my highball , 2 up with saddle bags ,cruising at 130kph and averaged 260 km per tank . Mick

As a side issue. Is it possible to change the speedo background colour on a judge. My blue dial is invisible at night. Can't read anything till I pass under a street light. Would appreciate some info. Cheers.

The only time you need wordy about consumption is when doing over 120.  There are plenty of fuel stops just lighten up on the throttle.  However, between Cammerweal and Barkly Roadhouse, take  fuel can 5 litre and you should have no problems, just slow down on that stage.

Between  cammerweal and Barkley Roadhouse, take  a 5  litre fuel and throttle back to conserve fuel.  That really is the only stage you need worry about for fuel, bless you ride like a bat out of hell all day.

Hi new member here, but not new to Victory, I always bring 1,5 meter vinal tubing to transfer petrol from another bike if need to ? Doesn't take up much space

Fuel storage you could just take 2 empty PET bottle of 1,5 liter from a soft drink so 3 liter of petrol is 50 Km, these PET bottles are rated for pressure and dropping ... Very strong & the chemicals inside the patrol has no effect on them ?

Have a glorious trip
Regarding your tune to save fuel ... No need mate ... It's already done by the tuner, if ride fast you can get 1:14 Km if you ride highway you could get more then 1:18 ?? Did you check what Km per liter you getting normally ?



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