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Hey folks

My brother and I are planning on riding from Melbourne up to Darwin later in the year, but I'm concerned about the 200km per tank that I seem to be getting. I'm sure I can get her up to 250km per tank when on the highways in 6th gear, but it'd be nice to be able to bring additional fuel. Any ideas on fuel tanks that will fit inside these saddlebags?

Each has a storage capacity of 3080 cubic inches. Can I also get the engine tuned for long distance fuel conservation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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On the highway in 6th gear you should get close to 300k if you are gentle on the throttle. Once the light comes on you have 40-50k before you run out.

By the way, if you have a stock seat I would definitely be using an Airhawk R over that distance.

That's such a great idea that I already bought one of these seats a couple of weeks ago! ;) I've also mounted a Memphis Shades bullet fairing, which really does help cut back on the wind resistance (It looks like the ones shown here: Interestingly, I just clocked 187km of city riding on my bike before the fuel light came on - note that I have the Stage 1 shotgun pipes with usual engine tweaks, and its first service is tomorrow. Hopefully the service + highway riding will get me to the 300km per tank you have mentioned. I wonder if I can ask the Victory mechanics to tune her to run more fuel efficiently just before I do the long distance ride? 

The factory tunes are inflexible unfortunately. Your engine will probably become more efficient as you get a few miles on it. Most people say that these bikes run pretty lean from the factory. A fuel controller of some sort (and a dyno run) is really the only way to get the fuelling optimal.

I got my bike second hand and, while it is fitted with the stage 1 kit, I found it to be running a bit rich for some reason. I fitted a K&N airfilter and that problem was solved and it runs quite well.

I think fuel conservation is probably going to be more about throttle hand restraint than anything much else. That takes some discipline if, like me, you get somewhat intoxicated by the sound. Ride smooth!

I am assuming that this is your first Vic? If it is, don't ride as you might a HD. These things don't really like lugging and short shifting. Let it rev a bit, optimal things happen over about 3000rpm, and I am sure that includes fuel use. Sixth gear should not be used until 100kmh and over. Sure it will pull away cleanly from a lower speed but you would be working it unnecessarily hard.

Yep, this is my first Victory. My first big cruiser for that matter. Very interesting to hear that 3000RPM and above is the optimal RPM - I've been tending to keep the RPM lower, sitting on 2200RPM on 6th when doing 110km/h on the freeway. I'm not a total hoon on the bike, though do tend to pull away pretty quick from the lights when filtering. 

I might suss out the air filter - can you link me to the one you use? Will it fit on my 2014 Hammer 8-ball?

Yes, they will sit at 2200 or so at highway speeds in top. I was more referring to accelerating and riding in urban areas.

I have a stock 2013 Judge. only done 4,600 kms and I easily get 5 litres per 100 klms out of it on a run. 4.9 litres per 100 klms if I sit on 90 k's per hour. once you start to push over 110 kph, the wind resistance kicks in a bit more too.

so I am getting over 300 k's per tank, including the L & R pannier system and a bag behind me on the pillion seat strapped to the sissy bar.

I would think even with stage one mod you should be looking at 250 k's per tank. So yes, I think you should definitely mention the high(?) fuel consumption when it gets serviced - unless you really like to give it heaps every time you ride it ;-)

Hi , I live in Darwin and ride a Highball ,on the highway I usually sit on rpm 2800 to 3000 .I have just over 20,000 k's on my Victory .That's where the motor seems the sweetest , and usually get around the 270/280 k per tank . depending on how hot the day is and the wind .I have got less than 200 k per tank ,but that was sitting on 160 kph plus. When I travel down the track I fuel up every stop , have been caught out with the fuel tankers being late and the garage has no fuel . I recommend doing something about your seat ,gel is good plus a lambs wool cover works a treat. Avoid staying at Elliot and Barrows Creek in the NT .Plenty of sites travelling up ,gotta have an ale at Daly Waters. Contact Rick at Motorcycles Territory in Darwin ,he's the Victory/Indian dealer here ,he can put you in contact with me or others to show you around . Dry season is best for travelling as it's not as hot .May to August. Cheers Mick

Thanks for the awesome advice, will keep this in mind!

As a giant disappointment my 2014 Judge runs out of fuel 8km after warning light. I have tested it twice now. So maximum of 250 km per tank. The dealer will experience my wrath at the 8000 km service.
Current economy is 6 litres per 100 km.
Ha Ha I had the same! Knew I was getting low and the light came on, rode straight in to the servo and put 16.5 litres in. I run by the trip meter and I am getting 5 to 5.2 litres per hundred kay's normally or 5.6 litres per hundred if I push it my bike is in standard trim , std exhaust and no performance mods. So I know I have 300 k's in the tank anytime.

At 8000 service coming up I will ask the same question about the low fuel light.


Steve H

My Hammer gets a maximum of 50km after the light comes on at a steady

highway speed, yes I have tested this!



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