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Hi Guy's,


Just wondering if you buy all your essential tools in the one kit so i don't have to think and if you tell me were to go and buy it then thats less thinking to do as well lmao )


I have a fully comprehensive garage but i don't want to pull tools out everytime i go for ride ( heaven forbid if i actully had to do something with em lol ).


Or has anybody  put a good list together so that i can copy it. lol


Any help on this matter would be appreciated.




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hi, alan. my tool roll has tyre gauge, set of metric allen keys (ball head type) swiss army knife. But on longer trips ie over night then tyre repair kit with 5 gas bottles(180) rear tyre. How much is too much. if the bike is well maintained and generally looked after you shouldn't need many tools. if it is a major break down then what parts will you need. For long trips, days, weeks maybe racv or equivalent might be the way to go.


  Alan, Victory's don't break down but seriously the best tool kit is the RACV phone number, with total care your covered for fuel, breakdowns ( which don't happen ),towing etc, plus Brian has it covered for small things that might come loose.

Thanx for replying,


Sorry , as i should of made it clearer that i mean't punctures and little things that come loose as if it was a major problem then obviously i wouldn't be trying to fix it at the side of the road.


I just thought there might of been an Essential Tool Kit when you go for a ride.


Thx for the replies.




Well first off you ride a Victory, you shouldnt need anything other than a tire pressure gauge.

LOL but just in case:

Motorcycle Tool Kit list


F Me John,


Have you got any links to were i buy the Tool Bag to attach to the bike to carry all that ( LMAO )



LOL yeah right hahaha. I dont take 1/4 of that



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