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Graeme Noad, otherwise known as "The Toad" has taken on a tour around Australia on his Victory Cross Country Tour. This trip is well and truly underway and we wanted to share updates of his adventure.

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He is now made his way from Canberra to WA, check out his latest blog:

Friday, April 04, 2014
Toad on the Road

Hi Guys

More great days after leaving Albany, all though a slight GPS programming error did take me about 120km out of the way when heading for the Margaret River, the less said the better.
From Albany along the South Coast road, beautiful forrest's and farmland, curves to burn. I have to say Margaret River and Gnarabup are truly lovely.
Had a spectacular day with Steve Andrews, founder of the Black Dog Ride. After my night at Gnarabup, Surfpoint Resort, good digs for a good rate, I meet Steve in Margaret River and he gave me a 150km tour of where he lives, what a place!
We started at Gracetown, Cowaramup beach, then through Cowaramup township where they are so keen on their name, cows line the streets. Then lunch and a glass of Sav Blanc at Bunkers Beach Cafe, right on the beach. 
We then took in the Wise Winery and picked up some supplies. Then rode to Busselton Jetty via the coast and an afternoon coffee. Once again a spectacular day great scenery, good food and company. 
Steve and his wife Jen are great hosts and Steve a fantastic tour guide. Thanks , a day to remember.
I then headed into Perth, from Bussleton for a service on the bike with the boys at Victory and did they look after me. Bike straight into the service dept. where Josh Jicks, Service Manager and his crew gave it the full treatment.
I spent my time with Sales guys Danilo La Pegna and Brett Graham, showed me their great set up in Perth.
Bike absolutely humming along, tyres checked out OK to make my next service in Darwin, you beauty!
Met up with a couple of my Black Dog Ride mates, Macca, Fiona and Shane at the 74th Ave Bar for a feed. Great to catch up on all the Dogger goss.
Meeting up with my mate Simon Bouda from Ch9 News today at Pearce Air Force Base he is covering the missing plane disaster for 9 News, we ride together all the time, another small world incident, pic to follow later.

The big west coast next.

Toad on the Road

For pics check them out on the Victory Motorcycles Facebook page.

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A life long dream, go for it Toad, look forward to more.

Toad on the Road Update

Sunday, April 06, 2014

73º Mostly Cloudy

Hi Guys

A big weekend after leaving Perth and seeing my mate Simon at Pearce RAAF Airbase.

Overnight at Geraldton and Saturday headed for Monkey Mia and the temperature started to rise, by my 1st fuel stop at Billabong Roadhouse about 240km north of Geraldton it was 36c, pretty warm.

Turned left to Denham and the coast and it started to cool off a bit. Hit Denham not far from Monkey Mia and was cursing down Main Street looking at the beautiful beach and scenery, when right in front of me appears an Emu with several mates, we'll let me tell you I was really lucky the 'Big Armchair with an Engine' has ABS brakes, a change of underwear might be in order though. downtown Denham has resident Emu's it seems. (see pics)

Arrived at Monkey Mia early arvo and settled in to watch the sunset under the palm trees and up the beach about 5m off, cruises a pod of 6 or 7 Dolphins in amongst the swimmers, awesome!

The sunset did come eventually and people line the beach for a drink or dinner on the sand. (see pics) Well done Monkey Mia!

Up at daylight for the dolphin feeding at the beach, it was really worth the trip off the main road north. You head down to the beach at the crack of dawn where Acting Reserve Officers, Garth Chamberlain and Angie Heriot take leading female dolphin 'Puck' and the others through their paces. Garth gives a very detailed talk on dolphins and their behaviours, before they get a very small snack. (see pics)

After the feeding I reluctantly headed out, bound for my overnight stay at Carnarvon and another glorious sunset. (see pics)

Oh! by the way if you happen to visit Monkey Mia, take a tip, don't park your beautiful bike under a palm tree, very messy indeed.

It was a big weekend, start the push to Broome this week.

Toad on the Road

Hi Guys

Well a bit of a change of plan, instead of riding to Cossack directly I decided for a slight detour to Coral Bay and Exmouth after good reports form fellow travellers I had meet.

Worth the extra km's the turquoise water at Coral Bay is something else. 

Then up to Cape Range National Park just north of Exmouth for the night. Another winner, historic lighthouse atop a very steep hill, with magic views. 

What a day Tues, 642.2km, 37c top temp, 36c most of the day. The bike never missed a beat just purred away not a worry in the world but the rider had the tongue hanging out most of the way.

A termites nest on the Exmouth road caught my eye. 

Came up to Karratha picked up some supplies for dinner and headed out to Cossack on the Point Samson road. A ghost town which has been restored, just me the bike, the caretaker Trevor and his wife Yvonne and their dog 'Poppi', what a spot!

Cossack was the most northerly port in WA in the late 1800's and became a ghost town over night when Point Samson became the local deep water port. A really unique place to stay if you ever that way, just ring the Caretaker, Trevor. 

Two days in Broome next.

Toad on the Road.

Great reading Mr Toad, just makes me want to jump  on the bike and go. photos are very good.  cheers

Toad on the Road.
90º Clear
Walcott Street, Broome, WA, Australia

Hi Guys

A bit of a travellers tale on Thurs, ever since day three of my trip I have been seeing this guy on a grey and blue Boulevard. We always waved at each other, as you do when you see another motorcyclist or fellow biker.

I saw him for the first time at Apollo Bay, then again at Portland, then Port Lincon, then Streaky Bay, then Ceduna, then followed Ravensthorpe, then Denmark, then again at Exmouth.

So today, the 25th day of my trip, I am at my first fuel stop on the way to Broome, the Sandfire Roadhouse, and guess who pulls up, the phantom on the grey and blue Boulevard.

We had the instant bond of the road travelled and we worked out we are both traveling around Oz and have been waving at each other for about 8,000km through three States, he thought I was some sort of ghost on a white bike.

So 'Toad on the Road' meets 'Cliffy' from Cruisercustomizing we became instant mates, to the point we are now travelling together for few days or so.

Great to have some company, for those long kilometres. Here we are at Cable Beach, Broome. (see pics)

Over the last week or so I have been thinking about a pic I could do when I got to Broome. I came up with this little idea, 'what would you rather ride around Australia a Victory Cross Country Tour or a Camel. So "Toad on the Road" meets "Horris the Camel" with attitude.

Well here's the result, me and Horris (named after some Egyptian God). I think I'll stick with my 'Big White Armchair with an Engine' as Horris did that thing, which is "don't bite the hand that feeds you" while we were doing the pics, he got me right on the finger.

Jade and Jamie from Red Sun Camels, Cable Beach where fantastic with there help in getting my pics at Broome.

We also had a little bit of off-roading getting in and out to visit Horris, Toad on the Road went off-road 

Fitzroy Crossing next, then onto a chopper flight over the Bungle Bungles.

Toad on the Road.

Toad on the Road Update

Hi Guys
Settled into Darwin for a couple of days, 1st stop was Motorcycle Territory the local Victory and Indian dealer for a service and a new back tyre. Matt and his team Rick and Graeme (mechanic) had me back on the road in no time. The verdict on the bike was all perfect. Pics show Mechanic Graeme working on my bike in the shop and Graeme, Matt and myself outside with the finished product. Well done Victory again. 

Now while I have been circumnavigating Oz my mate Dave Fullagar or 'Harry Dobaddie' as he is known to some, has been following me very closely on my GPS tracker which pings every 2hrs while I am travelling and he came up with the image of Oz and me below. How clever is our techno stuff these days and how clever is Harry for an old bloke. 

Well next up was the croc feeding tour, let me tell you what a ripper. The girls of the 'Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise' did themselves proud what an awesome thing to see. Tamara Thomsen our skipper and Cora Diving the croc feeder gave our little tour group some sights to behold, besides Stumpy the 4.5m salty, there were the Kite's who swooped down for a feed of chicken. 

If your in Darwin a must do thing, what a great day!

Toad on the Road

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Toad on the Road.

Hi Guys

What an Easter, after Darwin we headed for Jabaru in Kakadu National Park and believe it or not, at the Old Bark Hut roadhouse on the way to Jabaru, up pulls a Victory Hard Ball ridden by Uranium miner Pete, he was heading to Darwin to help out his mate Matt Johnson move his Victory Dealership to a new premises. You can bump those Victory riders anywhere.

Then it was on to Jabaru and the 'Yellow Waters Billabong Cruise' at Cooinda with tour guide Dennis Miller, his local knowledge is truly remarkable and the wetlands of Kakadu National Park are breathtaking.

Left Jabaru and my new found travelling buddy Cliffy, we both had different plans from here on in, I was heading for Mataranka Springs and Cliffy for Katherine Gorge. A good travelling companion and I am sure we will hook up again soon.

Riding from Jabaru out of Kakadu National Park on a great stretch of road I began to notice a large amount of dung on the road, now this was no ordinary dung, this was big, bigger than horse dung, piles of it everywhere. A complete mystery till I rounded a corner and was confronted by 5 or 6 bloody great big water buffalo and I mean big. There are no pictures as I have heard about there unpredictable nature and there was no way I was stopping to take photo's. This ride has everything!

Mataranka Spring what an Oasis, absolutely beautiful. Put this on a list of must things to do!

Now I must apologise for one of the photo's following as I have developed a bit of a 'T' shirt tan while on my ride, so please excuse, but the thermal spring are wonderful.

Left the Springs early 7.20am, had a 550km day to Threeways coming up and wanted to get it done quickly. I was there a bit after 1pm, that 130km speed limit really makes travelling pretty quick.

Settled in at Threeways and guess who turned up, Cliffy, he must have missed me, so we are travelling through to Cloncurry together.

Off to Karumba next.

Toad on the Road

Toad on the Road Update

Hi Guys,

I arrived in Karumba Point, Gulf of Carpentaria, which is famous for its Prawns and Mudcrabs. I had planned a rest day and some time to go on a fishing charter but they were all booked out, so I had to make do with a snack from the Karumba Point Seafood Market, you little beauty!

A great day just sitting around with the feet up eating prawns and crab, it's tough but someone has to do it.

Left Karumba Point early heading for Mt Surprise on the Savannah Way, a great run across from Normanton, beautiful country but a few wallabies and kangaroo's for the first hour or so.

There are stretches of one lane road which can be a little unnerving when you meet a road train coming the other way, all was good and I made very good time. I arrived at Mt Surprise fairly early and someone had told me about a little place called Hot Springs up the road, so I keep on going.

After travelling 605.9km all up for the day I arrived at Hot Springs and what a slice of heaven it is. Straight into the thermal pools and did I need it, sorry about the pic again but who cares, the waters were great. 

Great run across the beautiful Atherton Tablelands on Anzac Day in the mist and fog to Port Douglas and where better to do a pic when you arrive on the East Coast of Oz than the Port Douglas Marina.

My old mate Harry has been up to his old tricks again with another tracker image, this time with me in Cairns. On Ya! Harry.

Heading out of Cairns for Townsville and at my motel I meet Graham Thomson and his daughter Katelyn with their five black Greyhounds, which where racing at Cairns that night. Well being a Black Dog Rider I could not resist the opportunity for a photo. Hope they had a winner or two at races.

Had a lovely ride down the coast, it is spectacular countryside all the way to Townsville where I hooked up with my Black Dog Riding buddy Ross 'Beno' Benson and what a host he is, a beer on arrival AND he washed my bike, 'what a man'.

Now being the Anzac long weekend you could not pick a better way to spend it than with a serving member of our armed forces, Ross or 'Beno' to his mates is an RAAF pilot based at Townsville.

He actually flew the Caribou CC08 which is now on display at the entrance to the Townsville RAAF Base. It was a proud moment for me to be with him and his family on this weekend.

Heading south towards Brisbane this week.

Toad on the Road.

great reading Toad, trip of a life time.

Toad on the Road Update

Hi Guys

Put some miles under the belt so I could get to Brisbane quickly. Went straight from Townsville to Marlborough 638.1km all up. A good run.

Ran down from Marlborough to Bundaberg, off the highway at Miriam Vale and onto the back road into Bundaberg, really good run into town.

Now Bundaberg is famous for two things, sugar cane and of course Bundy Rum. Here's a couple pics highlighting both.

Headed into Brisbane for a service on Thursday and a catch up with a couple of mates.

Arrived at Brisbane and hooked up with my mate Peter 'Pixie' O'Halloran, who has a passion for sailing and is building a yacht. He's been at it for two years and has six months to go. So it was off the bike and onto the poop deck to have a look at 'Pixie's' big project. Well done Pete! 

Well who could ask for better treatment than I received from the team at Victory Motorcycles Brisbane, where Ray , Ron , Mark and tech Robertino certainly gave me the royal treatment. New front tyre and a full check of the bike from top to bottom, verdict, everything perfect and good to go again for the the final leg to Sydney and home to Canberra. 

Now, the pics show tech Robertino working on the 'Big Armchair with an Engine' in their shop and the full Brisbane team from left to right, Robertino , Ray , Mark and Ron with my bike in their showroom. 

The rest of the day in Brisbane was spent with my two old photographer mates Peter 'Pixie' and Dave 'Harry Dobadddie' , we tried to relive our old days of photography together by doing a pic of me heading over the iconic Story Bridge in the centre of Brisbane. Great fun together for a pretty good result.

As you know Dave 'Harry Dobaddie' is the one responsible for some pretty fancy photo shop work as I have been travelling around. Here he is with some of his handy work. 

Toad on the Road

Toad on the Road FINAL UPDATE

Hi Guys

This will be my last post for Toad on the Road for a while, so it might be a little long as I have a lot to cover.

Let me first deal with my last couple of days cruising down through NSW visiting old mates I had not seen in a while as I headed towards home in Canberra. A short hop from Brisbane down to Lismore to spend two days with my old mate Wayne and his dog 'Zinzan Brooke'. 

It was great to spend time with him after losing contact for a fair few years. Wayne is an economics teacher so who better to help work out the statistics from my trip, mileage per litre, fuel, accommodation, etc. More on the stats later.

Then I cruised down to Minnie Water, south east of Grafton, to spend a night with my old mate big John 'Davo' Davidson and his dog 'Jack'. I had forgotten what a beautiful spot it is, the three of us had a short trip down to the beach for a look.

Ran down towards Newcastle to spend my last night on the road with old friends Jeff and Jan Marshall and started my last day with Jeff and Jan at Warner's Bay on Lake Macquarie, with a bit of Maxie Jones thrown in. Now before my motorcycle riding days we where all into horses and for many years had lots of fun breeding and racing them, but I can tell you owning a Victory is a hell of a lot cheaper and just as much fun.

Jeff and Maxie have keep up their interest and here we all are with a stock horse called 'Little Mate', Jeff is training up, I still think the 'Armchair with an Engine' is a better ride. 

Then it was down to the boys at Victory, Ashfield, Sydney, to say Hi and give them a big thank you for getting my bike ready for its epic run on 'The Big Lap' round Oz.

Can I say they did a superb job the bike never missed a beat the whole, nearly 18,000km, in fact all the Victory dealerships across Australia could not have looked after me any better. They where all fantastic and it was a pleasure meeting them.

So here are the guys from Sydney with me at Ashfield, left to right, Tim, Tom, Toad, Ezio and Claudio. Great work guys!

Now for those statistics for anyone planning to do the 'Big Lap'.


TOTAL DAYS. 51 days with 7 rest days. 44 riding days an average of 407.5km per day.


TOTAL FUEL. 1,164.29 litres.

TOTAL FUEL COST. $2,139.54. An average of $1.84 (Using 98 octane, 97% of the time)

I cannot properly describe what a great country we have the privilege to live in, every corner you turn there is something different to see and to excite your senses. The people you meet astound you with their warmth and eagerness to engage with you and being on the 'Big Armchair with an Engine' was a conversation starter whenever I pulled up. You would be hard pushed to find a better way to see this wonderful country, you really know your alive, JUST AWESOME!

Now I enjoyed it so much I'm going again at the end of July, this time for charity with my mates from the 'Black Dog Ride' to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention. They are riding anti-clockwise over 31 days to raise money for Lifeline Australia and Mental Health First Aid Australia, so if you enjoyed my little posts for Victory or just think going again is for a good cause, please donate a little or a lot to this link: 

Thank you all for your support and help in my travels and a special thanks to Victory and all their staff it was a truly great experience on a wonderful machine.

Now I will leave you with the final image from Dave and the satellite tracker.

One little PS 'Toad on the Road' and the 'Black Dog Ride' are heading to the US next year and I am riding the 'Big Lap' there, including some of Canada, so if you think this was awesome stay tuned for the next 'TOAD ON THE ROAD' in 2015.

Congrats TOAD great job on a successful lap around Australia.. You are a legend toad, im pretty keen to get involved on the 2015 black dog ride in the states mate.. Talk soon mate and give my best to cassie and the misses, I'm sure there happy to have ya back safe



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