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Well the time has come To thank you all.

Many thanks to the Victory family Guys and Gals the count down is nearly complete!! And thanks to Scotty,Ben,Jules,Grant and Ross.for there time and support over last 6 mths...  and the Pletherer of AUSSIE RIDERS..DaveandHelen,Donal,TonyandMel,Webby,Johnno,Ian,Matt,Linz,TREV,Rick+2,Les,Kingy,Will,

Scott,Ray,Mumbles,J9,Mark,Grant.Jayde.Phil,and there partners,The TASSIE crew Jase ,Leon,Geoff,John, Geeze i could go on apoligies to names missed your all equaly important,(nearly)lol.Luvs ya all.

April 14 Full Licence YEHAAAA!!   Bike delivered hme by SCOTTY Sat 13th

YEP We`re there,  9 days 1 SEEEEP!! aaaaaarrrgh, enough rambling To much longer and i have to add TITS.

I Believe its time to get together!!


Victory family day,

Open to Suggestions; What time suits all ?

THANKS AGAIN ROSCO and SUZI !!  " lmmfao"

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Thanks to all in shop Scott,Ben,Jules. Ross,Grant ect    AND to ALL THE AUSSIE RIDERS  The whole Victory family!!

Dave,Helen,Tony Mel,Webby,Donal,Johnno,Ian,Les,Will,Linz,Kingy,Ricks,TREV,Brian,Jayde,Scott,Mumbles,J9,Phil,Ians,Tasssie guys Jase, Leon,Geoff,John, ect;ect; everyone and there partners..sorry if i missed anyone.

WELL THE TIME HAS COME !!!    "TO RELEASE THE BEAST RIDE"           A few people have suggested we should get together so lets work out a date appropriate   TO GET THIS VICTORY FAMILY TOGETHER !!                                                Any weekend after the 14th APRIL,                                                                

Spent an Hour and Half last night typed all up and wouldn`t fit in the DISCUSSION section,What The!!! and than lost all work i had done...GGGGRRRRRR    Thats why discussion all over the place sorry but can`t be F@#@@# Fixing

So once again many thanks from ROSCO and SUZI!!  Invaluable experience,and top friends.TA!!

oops sorry i came to the discussion from the heading.......apparently 'Release the beast' has a different meaning to

Matt put it away

nice photo rosco, when you run the curser over it and zoom in you can see the detail in the paint work you can pick up the hair in the paint, the workmanship is just

Spoke to Dave Post today about a ride and he has suggested Mt Donabuang  some good roads,we can come from different directions and meet somewhere central and head off !!!!

The hair in the paint Brian is to give it that Beastly look hard to do but great effect !lol

G`day if you read this there is probably no more days !!! there is a ride posted in Aussie riders on the 21st if you wish to have good day out.  Riding round Mid Gippsland.. Check it out!!  15 hrs till Scotty drop the Jackpot off !!!

At last Rosco
You'll be in group 1 in no time !
Nice lookin ride
Can't wait to see it in the flesh

Where the fuck is it???????

We need a photo of the completed bike Rossco

Enjoy the Mighty Jackpot Rosco - Nice bit of Kit.. Now we need a photo of you doing a wheelie... hahaha



or at least the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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