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Third time! Same left fork issue! 2007 victory ness jackpot

I'm looking for someone really experienced and knowledgeable about front forks on Victory jackpot's. I have a 2007 Corey Ness Edition and have had the left front fork re-built 3 separate times. Two of those Victory paid for in-and-out of warranty as a courtesy. The last time the dealer completely rebuilt the fork using all new parts and seals. And after less than 2000 miles it's leaking again! Always the same exact issue in about the same number of miles. This is an occasionally riden weekend bike that is garage kept and only has 20,000 miles on it.

Does it make sense to think that some other dynamic is causing the problem other than the fork itself? Is it possible that something in the fork tree is out of alignment and over time causes the seal to deteriorate? Because that's the only thing I can come up with that could be the cause. Anyone know if its even possible for the tree to get tweaked like that out of line? The bike has never been downed, never been abused or off-road, and was trailered only one time for only about 20 miles.

I have heard that excessive long term trailering with the straps too tight and binding the forks down could cause a problem I guess. But would only 20 miles over a straight highway, and not excessively strapped do it? Is that even possible given the normal stresses that a bike experiences on the road? Is there even a way for a dealer to check the fork tree alignment?

Thanks. I kind of wanted to know more before this time paying out-of-pocket for another rebuild knowing that it's just join to someday happen again.

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I should have made that more clear.  The Victory was not strapped down by the fork or fork tubes.  The straps went up to the handlebars, nearest the center (i.e., the steering head).  I only mentioned the towing question because at one point someone asked me if it had been trailered a lot and that brought forth my question on this dilemma. Since it was only trailered that short one-time distance I couldn't see how that could have been the cause.  Top it off that the dealer, upon instruction by their Victory Rep, inspected all the components and replaced everything (they say) this last time, leaves me real perplexed. They claimed there was no visible burrs or indicated signs anywhere.

Other posting comments/replies elsewhere have asked if they inspected the inside of the tube to ensure it's round and unmarred.  And that I can't answer.  So maybe the problem lies somewhere inside the female tube.  Thanks for your reply however.

Then I'm fucked for an answer in that case, imagine your frustration.

Hard question to answer, my 09 Jackpot has a leaking right fork seal (maybe we can swap, do you want two leaking I had a little off in Tassie at the start of the year and the front doesn't seem right, I had both seals checked everything seemed to be ok. But now the right seal has started to leak. The bike is way out of warranty so i don't get serviced at Victory, I support my local mechanic. I'll let you know what he tells me.

I would LOVE to hear back what your guy says!  And my next step was going to circumvent Victory and go to an aftermarket mechanic in case the problem is/was with the Vic repair dude himself. Then again if he sucked, why always the problem with the same side tube, right?  Others have replied elsewhere that the issue may be the tube out of round (would be most hard to detect without gauging it, so I doubt they looked at that issue), or a problem inside of the female tube (again not a place you'd often look for a problem). But if your dude gives you an advice, please do post back.  And thanks again

I don't believe that the 20 miles you did on the trailer has anything to do with it, my bike has been strapped down to a trailer and hoist for the past 21 months now . It's travelled at least 6,000 kilometres strapped to the trailer and I haven't seen any signs of fork oil leaking.

I  say the seals were damaged putting them in although it is possible the fork leg is damaged or a manufacture flaw I had ne seals put in my mine by a mechanic one  leaked after 1500 ks first time ever

used a spanner man replaced my self done nearly three thousand  ks of hard riding on the beautiful hunter valley goat track roads no leaks as yet

Brother Dooms 06 Vegas Jackpot is having the same problems, im wondering if it is a factory defect in the 06/07 forks that is causing the problems . ive heard it from several 06/07 Jackpot owners.



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