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G'day all,

Got to the unveiling of the Indian range of motorcycles last night. The weather in this area of South Dakota is unpredictable and last night a large storm was threatening the whole time. The crowd were given illuminating bracelets to wear on entry to a gated area. At 8pm a band was introduced who played a few songs and a presenter tried his best to rev up the crowd. To be honest we just wanted to see the bikes. The national anthem was played which is always a great experience in the US, hats were taken off and hands placed on hearts. These guy's are justifiably very proud of their country. After more music the motorcycles were ridden onto the stage by various important people. The template that Victory bought into with its purchase of Indian always meant the design of this bike would be something along the original. I'm a fan of bobbers and rat runners but I was pleasantly surprised by the really nice lines on this new range. We'll all have our own opinion of course but these beautiful motorcycles are a great testament to the skill of the designers and engineers at Victory. Greg Brew and Michael Song take a bow. My 2 cents worth is they will be well received by the Harley fans who are the huge majority here, it will probably entice quite a few over or buy them as a second bike. I'm taking one for a test ride tomorrow. What will be interesting over the next decade is the waning of buying power of the baby boomers. Americas, like Australias demographic is changing quickly. Will the rising Hispanic and Asian population give a shit about Indians history etc? That's a huge untapped market that both Harley and Polaris should spend more time pursuing. As usual the Japs have read it early and are quietly releasing bikes that will capture this market. Check out the new Yamaha Bolt.

Anyway, for now, congrats Polaris on some beautiful bikes. See ya.

Jimmy in Sturgis.

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Well written as usual Jimmy, that band was awesome, kind of a cross between Lynard & Canned Heat, lead singer even looked like the Bear. Thanks for the update as usual.

remember my words of advice Grasshopper, don't put anything in ya' mouth I'd reject and ...

just do anything I would do ..... I'll raise the Bail.


Thanks mate can't wait to hear of your ride



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