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The time is coming soon when some of the most interesting stories and people with disappear from these pages. This site has more than served its purpose, and that was to unite the Victory family, unite and create friendships. That it certainly has done. The next challenge is to create a page on another medium, face book maybe the option. Plenty of Victory groups there at present. It has been a great journey on this site, I have had my fair share of dummy spitting and copped the responses. I wish you all well in your future endeavours and your rides. Keep the Victory flag flying. You only have one life - enjoy it!

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We are working hard and the result will likely bring more folks together.  More on that later.  The main problem with Facebook is that while it's perfect for "networking" it's near useless for any historic content.  It's not easy if even possible to start a discussion, then 6 months later come back and find it and add to it.   You can have groups, but not groups of members. The list goes on and on.  

Forums were the original "Social" platform.  Then Facebook (and others) popped up, that took over the job of a social platform, but there isn't a "forums" element for historic purposes, or reference purposes or organizing a ride together (although you can sortof use an event....  sortof)..   Anyway, it's just not there yet.

As for the Victory Riders Network, as an entity, we're not going away any time soon.  Plenty of Victory info out there and as other forums fold up shop in lieu of Facebook, we'll still be a place to find tech info and such.  Remember while others have come and gone, Jeff and I have been providing a place for Victory Riders in one form or another for nearly 15 years.  We're not gonna throw in the towel. 

We are also going to do our best to bring existing conversations across to the new platform.  It may not happen that way, but we're going to try.  

And to be clear... the ONLY reason for this change is that Ning (the platform you are reading this on) has decided apparently that it's no longer interested in smaller organizations.   While everyone else is lowering pricing and providing more features, Ning has chose to more than double their price and limit what little they were already providing. Interesting model...   we choose to not participate in that nonsense.   Too many other good, reliable and cost effective choices out there.

So thanks for your support, we'll continue to do our part and keep you posted.

Catch you later Colin , See you on the road sometime



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