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How cool are the victory adds..

I was sitting on my couch last night watchin me favorite channel (Discovery Turbo) and was blown away by the quality and quantity of victory adds.

After watching the add where the gorgeous Cross Country tears a big burn out i couldn't help but be inspired to go and do some burn outs of my own (i apologize to the residents of the northern beaches).

Thanks you Guys and Gals of Victory Australia, great job!

As a owner it fills you with pride to see the brand being built in Australia..if i wasn't a owner it would inspire me to get down to my closest Victory store.

Thank you

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Jimbob I just watched the link you posted up and totally agree with you it's a fantastic add, but I can't help thinking just after they say ride one and you'll own one they should have the sound of that beautiful 106 Reving off its limiter as it screams off into the sunset.
Ditto !

I have 2 agree .

i also like the new indian Ad watchin the guy polishing his Harley only to put a 4 sale sign on it at the end.


real nice Victory. I was told today by a Harley rider that my bike was beautiful. I said, I know...

Feels nice hey, i havent seen your bike Jock.. what cool stuff have you done?

G'day Jimbob,

I haven't done too much to it yet. Just some Arlen Ness mirrors and covers. Still looking into exhaust, with the thought of lowering with a rap around rear guard and spring seat. 

Now, how are things going in the new shop and I hope you have settled in. I do have one question for you mate, why did you leave the Sydney store? There has been a bit of talk and mud slinging, but nothing from you. Interested to here from you.

Awsome to hear you got plans for the highball jock.. The highball is definitely one of the coolest bikes around to customise and put your own touch to..
As for your other question.. I'm having a blast at VTC!! victory and indian are the most amazing products and to work with your best mates everyday is a blessing.. I feel like I'm 18 again:) post some photos of your highball mate or come for a ride soon..



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