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Hi just wanting to get an idea of how many would be interest in purchasing a tank bra for their bike if they were available ? I have made up one from an old Harley one and modified it to fit my tank. I am going to take this template to our local upholster and get a price to make a more professional one.
If there is enough interest I might get a few made up and make them available to purchase or at least get a price for bulk order and then take orders.

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Hey Suzie, how are you looking it fit it, magnetic or strap around? Do you have a top photo.
Hi Wozz
Sorry it took so long to get back to you
Here are the photo of what I have been using. As I said it is a chopped up Harley one that I had lying around. Hesse the bad stitching on the front. I made this when I had the original air box and they cord underneath used to fit perfectly in the groves in the side of the air box when the cables run. I am going to talk to the upholster about what I can do underneath to make it fit the torque tubes.
As you can see I had to replace the top bolt of the tank cap to stretch the cord over. There are no magnets. Iam super paranoid about anything rubbing my paint and I have never us magnets before. If you have let me know what they are like and if you had any dramas with them.
I'm getting the upholster to make something up like this for my bike and thought if anyone else wanted one he could probable do some for them as well . Just and idea.
More pic
Tank bra

As an alternative for tank and guard protection i used a clear film, check out this link,

This stuff look really good. I have something similar on my forks already. I will give them a call to find out a little more about it and if it's available for my tank.
The bra is easy to put on and off but some time I forget to put it on. This stuff would be heaps easier. I wonder what the finish is like?

i have this on my front guard, around the tank where the seat meets it, as the seat rubs the paint, and on top of the hard lids. works great, can't see it unless i leave polish on the edge.

more than likely the same stuff. It can be taken off quite easy with a hair dryier i have been told.

Did you get them to put it on for you or DYO

i had them fit them as it was cut out on a machine. the mob i used take a paper template of what you want covered and then puti nto a computer that cuts out the shape. didn't take long.

I will search to see if anyone closer does it.

i have a photo on here if you full screen it and zoom in you can see how clear the film is, you can just see a shadow line on the front guard and front half of the hard bags lid.



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