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Hi Guys ,

I have an 09 Vegas (100CI) with 35000k's. It has been running perfectly until I rode for 3 days straight in the rain. The bike began to stall at speed 80-100kph without warning. I have had it serviced and checked since , but it still happens on occasion.

Any ideas ?


Thank You,



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Maybe check the spark plugs, they wont get changed in a service unless you tell them too.

Thanks Matt , but I did that . Still at a loss

hi mark, i been on the victory forum and came across a simular problem on a xc, check battery connections, clean and regrease, there is an auto reset relay next to the + post which can play up intermittenly. hope this is of some help.


Thank you Brian !!

water ingress ecm or coil/field coil wiring if it were me i would disconnect all wiring connectors clean with contact cleaner add a little dielectric grease then silicone spray the shit out of them but i am a mc mechanic....spraying the shit out of em may fix problem but they may have corrosion on pins and the change of resistance can confuse ecm also ''wiggle test'' which is wiggle wires with bike running and if stalls prob have broken wire... good luck elect problems are a bitch esp intermittentones

Thank you Pauly , appreciate that



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