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Ckutch cable just snapped. Only done 27000kms. No parts in Brisbane. I'm hoping that Melbourne has one. 

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Nope, I've been told that there is no clutch cables in Australia. At least for a 09 kingpin?

Not happy. Waiting to talk to Melbourne on this

Good luck with that Daz

Mat  i spoke to Grant in Spare Parts, Melbourne, and he confirmed that there is no Clutch Cables for my bike in Australia. Apparently there maybe a shipment next week coming in with some.


I hope no one with a Kingpin (John) breaks a clutch cable in the mean time.

Hi Daz, if the inner cable has snapped, and you have both ends you could try having new inner cable made.

it's only steel cable with ends crimped on. good luck any way, thank god i have hydralic.

Thanks Matt,


It's under warrentee but i will see what they can do for the future

That's ok Daz, i'll take the credit from Brian.....he wont




















Ok i've stripped the bike ready for the cable.

Hope it arrives on Thursday.


But can some one give me an idea on how to remove the fuel line from the tank?


if it's the same as the one just behinde the right wedge going into the 'T' piece then push hose towards the tank  and squeeze the sides.

Brian is that at the tank? There is a connector on the tank with a blue button on it. I take it i push the button?

Hello Darryl to remove the connector under the tank you have to squeese both sides together and pull the hose off, now be carefull when you refit the hose, you have to push it up hard until it " Clicks " in place if it dosent click on IT WILL COME OFF when your riding and its not good to have petrol all over the road.

I,ve got a replacement inner cable from the US that you can fit without having to remove anything, they are available for about $45.00 plus freight and are perfect for these accasions. Regards Hamah Ed.

Thanks Eddie It worked great.


I've got a temp cable coming from the states too.




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