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Hey guys, wondering if anyone in NSW has a side mount rego plate holder (bolted to the rear wheel bolt) and if there's been any problems legally?

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hey mate under n.s.w laws it must be clearly visible and readable at a 45 degree arc of the motorcycles centre line at a distance of at least 20 metres and its an offence to alter number plates in any way including bending them.

hope this helps mate

if ya can't afford fines - don't do it !

Good reply Blackey LOL, it's not about hiding your plate is it its the bloody style you trying to achieve, so much for the early vintage bikes that had it standard yet that's ok-

hi guys

I thought that new law as of 1st jan 2013 in nsw that any vehicle under 3 ton didn't need a rego sicker on and as my car didn't get one when we renewed it I feburary I took mine off the bike and been pulled for rbt a few times nothing has been said by the boys in blue

Thanks guys, guess I've got to re consider. Dave, sorry I was referring to number plates but yes you are correct,,no stickers in NSW.

sorry been on the road for 14 hrs did not read it right



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