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Hi All
Next week I will be having Shotguns fitted to my High-Ball but would like some comments or opinions on this before its to late.
Are there any Victory owners out there with the Shotguns fitted and are you happy with them?
I have seen and heard the swept pipes and they are unreal.
Unfortunately they no longer make the swept pipes but I am told the Shotguns are as loud just a different tone.
While the look of the swept are second to none it really is the sound I am after.
I have searched the net for other pipes but would rather stick with the Victory supplied pipes.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

Cheers Allan

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Hey Allan, I have the 'shotties' on my 09 Jackpot and I love them. They are only abit louder than the swepts. Mine were tested at a bike show and put out 133db. Diffently go with the black pipes, they will look awesome on the High ball.

Cheers Matt wasn't sure if they would be loud :-)

I get them thursday so I will post a video before and after so you can hear the difference 

Hi Allen, I have the blacked out shotties on my 11 hammer 8ball that ive had for around six months and I couldn't be happier with them, until a couple of days ago I  had mate take it for a spin up and down the road, which gave me a chance to hear it from the road side, and I've gotta say I like these pipes more than ever now, unless you want a deep throaty note, go the shotguns, loud and raw, they would look cool on the high ball too, good luck with your ride Allen, cheers jayde

Hi Jayde

Brilliant just what I wanted to hear (pardon the pun)

I cant wait now they get fitted Thursday and it can't come soon enough

Cheers Allan 

Cheers Allan. Going with the shotguns ah. I have heard the shotguns on Blacky's Highball, from the Hawksberry, and they sound awesome. I thought they were heaps louder than mine. It would be interesting to see what decibel the swepts come in at. All the best with getting them fitted. Gives is a yell when you get em and we'll go or a spin....

Hi Dax

I will be getting the Shotguns fitted Thursday so put a day aside for a ride to Picton and show the Harley boys what they should be riding :-)

Cheers Allan

The swepts put out about 130 - 131 db

Shotguns definately sount the best (loudest)

I think that shotguns or the straight drag pipes would look the best on the High Ball

Cheers. Thanks for that Matt. Merry xmas bud.
On the highball you should have drag pipes like shotties only longer keep the old school look going my son has shotties on his highball looks and sound mad but I think drags would of looked awesome
Hey chopper,

Sorry for the dumb question. Can you direct me to which are the drag pipes you are referring to. Would like to see which ones they are and who makes them since I'm I. That same boat of deciding on exhaust and the shotguns seem to keep the bike looking clean and beefy. Thanks.
Might of just found it. I searched victory drag pipes?



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