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Well that was one hell of a way to wake up on sat morn a 7.1 here in Canterbury NZ. One of the places hit hard is my we town of Kaiapoi we got of lite here at my place but two streets over the aera is a right off. Things to cheek on when something like this happens wife, bike,kids,bike,house,bike, family, bike yes the bikes OK was on it on monday to make shore had to go carefully as some off the roads are a mess

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Mark, Much damage for you? We haven't heard much state-side accepts for just headlines. Nothing in depth.
No not to much damage to us but go two steets down from me is a mess most houses will get bowled and dont think will be built on again. My we town of Kaiapoi was one of the hardest hit it will never be the same wee town but most will be rebuilt will lose some of our old buidings. Our we town has a pop of about 10.000. We now have a cupple of fallas from the USA here looking at the state of this as this has been a bit of a dif shake as we had seepage come up though the ground some places it is half a met thick and the smell of sulfur in the air manly at night. Its all the after shocks that is getting to us all we have had about 300 since last sat some as high as 5.4 but close to the top like only 6km deep but lest no one is dead



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