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Has anyone tried to 'Trade in' a second hand Victory. I've chased a 'change over' price and have not even been able to get a repy in four attempts!!!!! Are they afraid I'll be offended in how much the bikes now worth? If Victory arn't prepared to support a second hand market whats the point of buying a new one?

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I traded my '10 cross country(19,600klm) on a '12 cross country tour, very satisfied with change over. Was before price drop so take that into consideration though.

That was the Sydney store I'll add.


I just hope the market place for used Victory's has not gone the same way as Harleys because if it has you may be in for a disappointment, I know I am there myself.

I can't sell my Dyna Super Glide for a price close to what I want and I can't let it go for some of the prices I have been offered because I need the money to buy another bike, I have no spare cash so my bike stays on Bikesales and fingers crossed I will get what I am asking, so good luck and hopefully someone will get back to you with the amount you want cheers.

A mate of mine took his soft tail into the Melbourne store for a trade in on a high ball and got a great trade in offer on the soft tail, that was one year ago.

Don't expect a good trade in it won't happen, not in Victoria any way, wanted to trade my KP in on a hard ball, the offer was less than half of what i paid for it, 2008 model but not your standard looking kingpin, just thought i would have been offered a reasonable trade, very disappointed, not sure if its worth spending any more money on it, good luck Tony

I have not heard a good story on Trade in values on Victories in the last 9 months, a few of us had reasonable changeovers 12 months ago but that seemed to be the end of it.

Most places wont give you a good price as they all go on what the brokers are giving for them & that is stuff all & they don't give a rats about what extras you have on them either. I have just found out that I have 3 bulging disc's in my back so I thought I'd ask around. I still owe about 25k on my xc 2010 mdl with 4500 km's & had 2 quotes of $16500. Not in this lifetime. Think it will stay in the garage at that price.

Expect to take a hit when it comes to a trade in price. Don't expect your bike to be worth what you've put into it because it just won't happen.

The reality is that the price of new bikes took a very big dive over the last year or so. Why would you buy used when the price of a new one starts under 20k?

Don't forget, Bike shops are in business to make money. To survive, they need to make money on every deal they do. That is just a fact we have to deal with.

Believe me, I've recently changed bikes so I know all about it

Your options are,

  1. Hang on to what you have and love for all the same reasons you bought it and made it yours.
  2. Let go, be realistic on what your bike is worth, take the trade in and move on.
  3. Sell privately for as much as you can get and then make the most of the low prices on offer at the moment for something new.

While I agree with all replies everone seems to have missed the point. They wouldn't even give me a price, be it high or low. With $3000 knocked of the price of new modles I wasn't expecting too much but a reply would have been nice. Having said that this forum must work and yes they finally did get back to me and yes price was (as expected) low but at least I now know where I stand. Anyone want an 08 Vegas with the lot?

Well I glad they got back to you and now it's time to decide which way to go, btw if you don't mind me asking what was the price you were given as a trade in I am sure members here would like to know what there bikes could be worth at trade in time cheers.

$12-13000 neg. Paid $27000 in 09 plus I've spent more on extras. Won't be tading it at that price. They said it would go on the lot for 15K (I think) This is a 08, 100ci Low premium but has 35K on it although still in perfect condition with probably 5K worth of extras. Oh well couldn't make up my mind between the Judge or Hammer S so now I don't have to (although  I will still try the private market)

Thanks for the info Tony and I agree try selling it in the private market and if worse comes to worse and it does not sell you are still in front because you own a great bike and btw just my own bit of input I would pick the black colour Judge over the Hammer S the more I see of the Judge the more I like it the bike is really starting to grow on me cheers.

You paid what ?????,

I bought my 2009 Vegas Low Premium ( New ) for $17,500 and added Slash cuts exhaust + tune + after market filter paying a total of $18,500.

Hell Tony , I realize it's a bit late now but i wouldn't buy another bike from were you bought your 2008 model.




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