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Has anyone tried to 'Trade in' a second hand Victory. I've chased a 'change over' price and have not even been able to get a repy in four attempts!!!!! Are they afraid I'll be offended in how much the bikes now worth? If Victory arn't prepared to support a second hand market whats the point of buying a new one?

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teese by name tease by nature, i like it.


But really -  it's true, Got the reciept and got a witness.

I know i got a great deal but that's one hell of a jump - $17,500 - $27,000 and a 09 V's 08.

I must admit though after reading all the posts and the red book ( Low not listed ) i think i am looking good to get my money back ( lol ). AND no the bike is not for sale ( lol ).

Tony should keep the bike as the Low was the most limited model made ( o8 - 09 only ) making it the rarest bike in the Victory range.

The pic's for all those poof's that the Victorian's keep refering to - hoping to convert them all back m8 - lmfao.

Alan, I got a set of steak knives, the vege slicer & a block of flats in Tasmania with mine.


That must of been when there marketing was OK.

Right on, Paul

totally agree with what ya say Paul its the way of the world !!

I don't  expect what i have spent on it i would get back on the trade in,  just a better trade for the bike,i am being realistic i don't like losing $18,000 in just a few years, paid $28.000,  i know the excuses why, every business is out to make money, that fact i know, you can sugar coat it as much as you like, the trade ins are shit,take a hit,  one black eye is fine but not two,  Love your bike is great, but you always like to ride another, that's my bitch,

Sorry blackey did i forget to mention it was a premium, lol

Hay Lindz what happened to your second comment you poof

Thats what you paid when they first arrived the the country Alan, and no second hand bikes around


I agree but if Tony paid $27k ( NEW ) and i paid $17k ( NEW ) then i don't think second hand even comes in to it m8.

Not to argue over myself getting a great deal but it is odd.

Hey poof's are you coming accross to the real side yet ( lmfao ).



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