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Has anyone tried to 'Trade in' a second hand Victory. I've chased a 'change over' price and have not even been able to get a repy in four attempts!!!!! Are they afraid I'll be offended in how much the bikes now worth? If Victory arn't prepared to support a second hand market whats the point of buying a new one?

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Yeh but not a wide (250) one


you have std rims on your victory, I went to 280 put straight on no mods

victory are ard to sell because their has not been enough sales to settle on a price for the different models, one problem is that victory bought out the black models at $20,000 which puts the other models in the same line with the only difference being colors, so people think what is the difference between them, if you are asking say $25 for  a jackpot and victory is selling that same bike in black for $20,000,you will lose,it was a big mistake for victory to do that when you want to sell your bike

Yep many other brands do the same thing add a different colour put a couple extra letters on the model eg: Suzuki M109R and Suzuki M109R LE both are the same bikes but one has a straight paint job while the other has a bit more flasher paint eg: strips running down the tank and guards but you will to pay an extra $2000 to $3000 for the same bike new and come trade in time dealer still says it is only a 109 and they can only get what the market is asking, so it's go with the flow or keep the bike we are riding cheers.

would bmw have more profit in it to offer more on the trade in. They can take off theirs and put it on yours, but they won't discount thiers and give you a big trade in !

tis funny you say that, about the second hand market, I seems that the Melbourne store has a few second hand bikes that are owned by people who work for victory that are up for sale, not many people are looking at the second hand bikes, the ones in melb shop need a clean up big time if they need to sell them


G'day Heath if you don't mind me asking what made you decide to sell your Victory and buy a Wing if it's to much of a personal question don't answer it I am only curious because I have not even ridden a Victory yet cheers.

Thank you for sharing your story with us I hope you get many, many, thousands of happy km's from your Wing as I always said it doesn't matter what brand of bike you are riding as long as you are enjoying it cheers.



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