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I just fitted some saddle bags to my Jackpot for some overnight & weekend rides. I'm very happy with the quality and how they look except from the back they stick out a little, about 4 inches from the seat. I'm using the lockable & quick release ghost brackets, if I remove the fender strut then it brings them in to about 3 inches from the seat but if I'm away and take the bags off, take the bike out for a run then it will look shit without the chrome strut, just visible bolt heads.
Its a long shot, has anyone done any mods to the fender strut and/or got their hands on different spaces and fittings to bring the saddle bags in closer?

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Trying to upload photos from the phone
I select three photos and uploads one, here they are.
What make are the bags Wozz, ? we are looking at changing my kingpin bags for the black dog ride
They are from Victory Only here is the link
25litre biggest I could see. I got the studded Tek Leather $430 plus brackets $150 postage was $190 but I put another 13 items inside the bags, as the order was $1,600 so gst is applicable over $1,000 through customs. They are a really good quality product. The bags open long ways so don't stay open on their own, nice finish with the plastic clip disguised by the leather strap and buckle, there is velcro along both sides sealing the lid so you need to spread the sides to open and close properly. The walls of the bag are reinforced and very rigid, these won't go out of shape like soft bags. I haven't used them yet so I'll have to organise a night away somewhere with the lovely lady ;) they look great and should last a long time.
Hi Pat

I have used the bags a number on times now and I'm very happy with them, I think they look great, they do sit out a bit from the fender but doesn't bother me cause I don't look at it from the rear haha. The quick release brackets are great, just a turn of the key and they are off in 2 seconds. The bags are locked to the bike but don't have a lock so someone could go through them, not ideal if your half way to your destination, once there they go straight into the room.
You can bring them in a little closer if you take off the fender struts but then once the bag are off you see the bolts and holes, so best just to leave as is.
I put them back as far as I could without the bottom of the bracket sticking out the bottom, my partner has enough room to put her feet back. I wouldn't want them any smaller we fill them up easily.
The lid is now staying open on there own now used a few times, the quality is top notch, very tough, I'm doing the run in February so they will get a good work out then.
I put Harley hard bags on my 01'V92 they have the shape that matches the rear fender. II custom built the brackets and had them wrinkle finish powdercoated they look pretty sweet . I think i posted pics on here but cant remember. Ill have to go to my page and check . I had to push mine out a tad to make them look right and for belt / pully clearance and axle nut clearance on the other side.



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