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regardless of which shop was  started first all dedicated victory riders and enthusiasts know that

Melbourne was the first shop. as for victory loosing the plot all you have to do is look at   ford and holden thy are controlled by America and so is Harley and victory as for indian selling better than

victroy against Harley this may we'll be the case against street glide electra glide etc but they are only a small percentage of the equation . I have work as  SALES PERSON IN THE MOTOR INDUSTY for 25 years until recently sales people technicians detailers etc we all move on but the brand remains

unfortunately easier to find sales staff etc than good ceo,s as there  few and far between . I personally

would buy a victory before Harley any day they handle and stop better donks etc, as for which shop

who gives a phuk  as for after sales I bought my bike low ks  used and have had gret service by greg burns at briasans victory newcastle nsw also from rollies speed shop and vctoy Melbourne and Sydney lets face it things change  I do all the servicing and repairs myself and I will order in the next couple of months a Indian but my hammer and as with my other bikes they will stay with me as I

still love to ride them  and if you are not mechanical minded like some of us their r some awesome

mechanics out there in there own business that e a dam site cheaper.

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+1 TBH what goes wrong with Vics anyway? Looking at my service schedule there is sweet FA to do outside of oil changes, versus other bikes with valve adjustments/shimming, not to speak of 3 oils to change on a HD as opposed to 1. Looking at the US forums I see very little in the way of inherent faults.

These Vics are really childs play to work on, and I'm no mechanic.

Good to see you have the best colour Bretty!!




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