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Hi All

Just want to know the feel on Power Commanders, I am thinking of get one but not sure if it's needed or what the benefit of one would be.

So a couple of question

1. Why get one.

2. What are the benefits of one. 

3. Do you have one.

4. Are they just a gimmick.



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Hi Kris,

I have the performance filter already but your right about the Lloyds Cams ( Next on the shopping list ).


I didn't go out of my way to try a be a know it all when i got the PC5 looked at,  but i wasn't happy with the way the bike was performing and the extra fuel usage based on highway travel.


When i bought my 300C i put a tune from the states in to it before i turned it in to a cammed out beast and i noticed a lot of positive things ( Power, H/way Fuel economy, smooth excelleration etc ) but never noticed the same positives with the PC5 except power. I can't say the 300C is a Fuel economic beast now though ( lmao ) but it sure goes down the track like a cut cat.


When i took the bike to Rob @ Victory Brisbane he offered to look at it on his Dyno and as he knew i was involved with Dyno Tuning my car he allowed me to stay with him in the booth were i got to see the readings.


The one thing that i have noticed after Rob tickled the tune is that before when i was in 6th gear i kept checking to see if i was in 6th gear and now i can tell i am in 6th gear ( Take out of that what you may ).


All i can say is i am much happier now and the bike pulls hard all through the gears.




Cool thanks Alan- great to hear you are happy with it.
I'd like to get mine Dyno'd in Sydney soon, but after cams I think.

Picked up my Xcountry today after Daynon(Sydney store) fitted the power commander

Two words




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