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Hi All

Just want to know the feel on Power Commanders, I am thinking of get one but not sure if it's needed or what the benefit of one would be.

So a couple of question

1. Why get one.

2. What are the benefits of one. 

3. Do you have one.

4. Are they just a gimmick.



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Yeah, better in the midrange, depending on how far u want to go, my opinion is that there isn't any real need, opening up the air intake, pc, pipes and dyno is going to give a very good upgrade in performance, why muck around inside the engine

well have bit the bullet, was never going to go the mods on either my xct or highball  .... BUT after dropping of the XCT for service and being loaned the shop demo hardball, just got of phone with Daynon in Syd store, asked him WTF had they done to the hardball demo .... now ordered this power commander thing.

If you haven't tried the demo with it fitted .... DO IT !!!   FA#@$K YEAH !!

A convert,

Check out the auto-tune for the PC-V.

Lloyds web site has a new air filter for XC/XR type bikes with 40% more air flow stated.

Once the bullet is bitten, you want more.

hi Allen I have a 2011 cross rds soft bagger fited the power commander  5 and  big honker slip ons definatly made a  big difference

 had the airbox opened and used the std air filter very good after having it dynod ,  changed to the victory air cleaner then gained an extra 2hp of touque after having it recalibrated on the dyno (107 lbs toque )

 more  engine noise with the airbox opened but its worth it

definatly has a lot more low down and mid range

best regards Norm

Just a quick question guy's,

When you say that the fuel light comes on earlier than before ( ie 210km's instead of 240km's ) is that highway riding or around town giving the bike hell ?



Doesn't seem to matter much how you ride, it just uses a bit more fuel, obviously if you cane it it will use more again.

You guys convinced me- so Im getting a PC5 and Loyds (???) filter put on next week at my first service.
Bring it on!


That's not what i wanted to hear ( lol )

It must work different than a car then.

In my Dyno'd Car - On a highway i get better fuel economy than stock but when you hammer it - WHO CARES !

I would of thought you get the same result with any type of petrol driven combustible engine as they all work with the same principal .


Oh well , u learn something every day





Hi Alan, I have been monitoring the fuel usage since I have had my pc5 with auto tune fitted, after 20 or so tanks of fuel I'm getting anywhere from 18 Kilometers to the litre to 14.6 being the worst, but mainly hanging around the 17kms to the litre, before PC was fitted I was getting 18 most of the time,

I know what u mean with your car on the dyno, my turbo forester uses less fuel since tuned provided you dont drive using the extra power you have gained from the dyno tune, if that makes sense,

Hope this helps

Cheers Jade,

Well i took the old boy out and clocked 210km's before the orange light decided to come on intermittingly and after 217km's the orange light stayed on.

I took the boy up to the North Coast ( No Hills / Mountains ) and rode her back home to ensure i didn't do anymore than 230km's.

So it seems that i am getting the same as everyone else that has installed the Power Commander but hasn't had a dyno tune.

I got mine from Sydney and was told that it had been tuned better than a Map Tune hence the $550 cost.

The loss of economy on the highway bugs me ( Remembering i don't care about gas when i cane it ) and i am gonna put this thing on a dyno and work out what the hell is going on. It would be a bit of a shame if that the only thing that was done to the PCV was to adjust the fuel imput as anyone can do that and get more power.

Anyway's i'll get to book it in and see first hand how the map looks and go from there.






Not to Piss on anybody's parade but findings are as follows,


Took the bike on the Dyno and WTF.

Couldn't read cylinder 2 ( Must be Locked )

Settings @ 7500 RPM ( Bike can't do that ).


Solution - Delete Map Tune and custom tuned instead.

                More Torque through all gears from 1800 - 4500 RPm.

                A/F Fuel Ration set to 13.8 ( Better fuel economy and excellent throttle response )


Thanks Rob you did a great job.






Hey Alan
Good work. Where did you get it dyno'd?
So from what Ive heard, now that you've got the PC5 (plus new maximised mapping) and I assume performance air filter, to get that extra 5% it's worth getting the Lloyds cams- evidently it makes a big difference down low with torque.



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