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Hi All

Just want to know the feel on Power Commanders, I am thinking of get one but not sure if it's needed or what the benefit of one would be.

So a couple of question

1. Why get one.

2. What are the benefits of one. 

3. Do you have one.

4. Are they just a gimmick.



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brendan turned up here yesterday with one fitted to his xroads at sydney store and rave reviews.

don't know which one he went for but loves the benefits.

Thanks for the update Blackey
Now I can't wait to get one


Hi Allan, The Auto tune uses the settings from the map it has installed and varies them by + or - 20% depending on what it needs at the time. If you had it Dyno Tuned and didnt want that much variation you can adust the auto to what ever % you like. Thats the great thing about the PCV & Auto tune is everything can be adjusted. On another note both the Lloyds and the PCV required you to disconnect your  O2 sensors. The Auto tune kit comes with 2 new wide band O2 sensors

I have no understanding of the science of it all ..... all I know is that the  XR has been given a shot of Viagara and its now a matter of hanging on.......what a blast, flooring it in 2nd and 3rd !!!

Thanks Bredan for the update

put one ( power commander 5 ) in my cross roads had it dyno tuned for more low down power works great, but you need to open up your air box and fit a flow through aircleaner ( from Victory) to get the best results



Hi Alllan I have had the PC5 installed on both of my XC best thing ever also had then dyno as well best thing l did



Picked up bike today..

  • Noticeabaly noiser..but good...
  • Stronger low end pull..
  • Far quicker off the mark..
  • Less throttle needed to do the same thing...

Mainly in City traffic today, hope to give a run during the week...


I'm getting it done this Tuesday looking forward to it
Hey Allan been reading about your power commander install live in wa if you don't mind me asking where are you getting it from and what sort of price I'm looking at getting one for my hammer cheers Allan
Gwtting it done in the Vixtory shop in Sydney not sure on the price yet. Will let you know after its done. And will let everyone know it there really is a difference.


A$662 for me..tuned Mapped..does make a difference....Weather has been shit so have only been in city traffic..




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