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Hi All

Just want to know the feel on Power Commanders, I am thinking of get one but not sure if it's needed or what the benefit of one would be.

So a couple of question

1. Why get one.

2. What are the benefits of one. 

3. Do you have one.

4. Are they just a gimmick.



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Hi Guys


Well I got the Commander V fitted and have given it a good test and let me tell you that the bike I put in wasn’t the one I took home. 

The power and the performance is unbelievable in second gear I was hitting 95 K and still hadn’t cracked it and in third gear 1?0Ks (question mark for legal reasons ) and still had more to give.

The ride is smoother and no forward thrust just a G force take off while hitting it on the freeway.

So if you have a Victory you have to get a Commander V .

I wont be looking at fuel consumption as the power and performance far out way a couple of dollars worth of fuel if that’s the case.

Next on the shopping list is CAMS.

Have fun guys






Good to hear your a happy man did you have the auto tune fitted as well and was it dynoed
No need for either the Victory Boys have played around with it for a while and come up with thief own mapping, and mate if you could do better with auto or Dyno I'd be floored.
It's better than sex mate :-)


it's good...but sex is still better..

Thanks mate now all I gotta do is figure out how to sort it without the war office finding out

Belt tensioning  /replacement, battery replacement.. is always expensive....

otherwise get a seperate bank account....

if that fails...your'e in the shit...


Yea mate I hear ya


we are slowbies.....

imagine what Matt, Paul and Dax would do with these fitted...scary..


Not worth thing about theyed kill it LOL
Sure why they haven't upgraded yet ?

Definately thinking about a power upgrade, but not yet sure which way to go. 

Would like to see hard proof of how much more power you get for your money. It would be good if you knew what gains you would get from air box, PC5, exhaust & cam mods so you would know how to best spend your cash.

They done one or two at victory Melb, forget the exact figure, but was up around 109bhp at the wheel,
The cams didn't make A great deal of difference to the peak power, it gave it a lot better midrange power though
HI Jayde
Are you saying the cams gave it better mid range?

I have the commander with performance pipes and performance filter and I tell you the beast can stay wheel spinning at the lights throught to second gear and change to third gear at 95k

I find it much smoother and much faster

Im so glad I did it





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