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Hi All

Just want to know the feel on Power Commanders, I am thinking of get one but not sure if it's needed or what the benefit of one would be.

So a couple of question

1. Why get one.

2. What are the benefits of one. 

3. Do you have one.

4. Are they just a gimmick.



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1. Smoother throttle response especially from low openings (slow corners)

2. Revs through range cleaner, quicker.

3. Yes I do with the auto tune module installed, no dyno needed.

4. No. You will use more fuel but get more performance, my range went from 230kms before light came on to about 210kms,    I recommend them, smoother and revs quite a bit quicker, pulls hard and clean, performance will vary depending on pipes air cleaner etc. Good luck with your decision, Webby.

Hi Allan, I have PC5 with the auto tune also, webbys right, I'm really happy with the way mine performs (smooth throttle response and revs harder) a good performance upgrade without spending a shit load of dollars, well worth it I thought.
I'm also looking at getting a PVC , in my research I've found there's no need for the auto tune kit because it never gets your map right, the only way to get a spot on map is through a dyno tune, Sorry John, so save your money on the auto tune kit and use it a good dyno tuner, do you need one, not to sure depends what work you've done to the bike. Is it a gimmick , absolutely not, there's no other way of getting a spot on map without one. Not to sure what state your in but find yourself a good dyno tuner, don't just go to any dyno tuner they must know what there doing , I've found a great one in Melbourne, his names Brian from big twin in bayswater, give him a call and he'll tell you exactly what you need to know. I also spoke to a technician from Serco who are the Australian importer of the power commander and they highly recommend Brian as well. Hope this helps
From what I understand rob, when the bike fires up it is running on the base map of the PC5, after a minute or two the auto tune starts taking samples of the air/fuel, depending on air temp/engine temp and will trim that base map to no more than +20% -20% at all throttle positions and revs,

I don't have it on mine but u can install a switch so u can change from the base map to learning mode, it can get more advanced if you start downloading different maps and telling it what to do manually, they are designed for racing after all,

My bike used to pop and fart a lot, the auto tune seems to have ironed that out a bit too, so at the end of the day I spose you don't need to add the auto tune, but it will save coughing up big bucks for dyno tunes, especially if u gotta dyno it more than once after adding performance mods later on,

That's my understanding of the way it works anyway, but I'm no expert,

hope this helps, cheers!!!

While I agree with you Rob, the tech's that fitted mine and Jayde's PCV's are very competent and have a dyno they were very impressed with the auto tune which in their words, " won't give you the best tune, it will give the best options in ever changing conditions". I just fitted a new pipe and it was nice not worrying about running lean, cheers.

I bought my bike with the PC5 and S'n'S air filter installed by previous owner. It's only a 100 cube/ 5 speed gear box but is absolutely smooth through the range and goes like a cut cat. Any further questions give mechanics Daynon or Michael a call at the Sydney dealership.

Totally agree with you Jayde, if you have a dyno tune then add a new engine mod you need to have another dyno tune but (stolen from another site) Canned maps are just that. No two engines are the same...........No two bikes are the same. They will get you a decent running bike that will be acceptable for most................But you have no idea as to what your missing when it comes overall performance and manners (not talking peak numbers) until you get a tune on a dyno with competent tuner at the controls....Period.
I'm hearing you there rob, how much does your guy charge for a dyno tune?

Hey Al,Rick put a Lloydz fuel controller on his newbie and said good as gold,so just a thought might be worth checking out,Kingy

Here is my 2 bobs worth, If you have the money fit a PCV & Auto tune then have your bike Dyno Tuned, Every engine is different so a  map  wont be 100% for every bike. Dyno Tuning alone only gives you 1 set of values, ie at a curtain RPM and Throttle % you get X amount of fuel, It doesnt allow for changing air temperature & atmospheric pressure or altitude. So if your Dyno Man sets up a good map base the wide band O2 sensors in the auto tune will adjust to the different variables keeping your bike performing at its best no matter what. 

PS i have just fitted a PCV & Auto Tune to my bike ( easy as and about 2 hours work ) Only done 50K's on it so far but already can tell how much smoother it is 

HI Dave 

One question would the auto tune not over ride the Dyno settings ?



Hey Guys

Thanks for the response and views, I will certainly be getting the PC as soon as they get them back in. I had the chance last week to have it installed but hesitated and now have to wait.

Still deciding if I want to go with the the Auto tune, but I'm leaning towards the Dyno 

When I get I'll let you all know how it goes.



PS I also have a performance filter already fitted.



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