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I have to say, considering there are 1500+ members the responses to any discussions are a bit sad. Dont you peolpe read these? I was hoping (thought) the whole idea of these forum type sites was to connect & share, even if you cant help make a comment so we know you at least care????? C'mon guys some of us (me at the top) are not to mechanically inclined & would like to here from those who have the benefit of experience & NOUSE. And hey we all have to start somewhere.



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Yeah you tell 'em Moggy
I wasnt trying to be disrespectful to anyone, maybe a bit naive in my forray into online blogs (no i dont have farcbook & twatter) taht i thought if people had knowledge they would share (God know if I did, I would). But it was just a bit surprising by the lack of responses to all blogs. Hey Sry if I offended anyone. But i do also understand that it can be a bit draining when people just want to pick your brains if you have a certain expertise.
Moggy, normally you'll get a response if  you ask questions relating to something specific but not many are on all the time so answers can take time, try the VOG site if you want to find out general info.

Join the VMC for all your technical data Moggy, they are the most helpful.  It will cost you a couple of bucks but its well worth it mate.  And will give you heaps of info on future mods to your bike plus discounts on aftermarket goodies.

Commenting, but I can't help

Try "", it is free, has a lot of technical stuff, good discussions, good reviews of products, and in general, a great place for information.  I have done a few mods myself and learned from members on theVOG.  VMC required login to see photos, a PITA IMHO. 

This place is just not very active IMHO. 

Hi Moggy,


I stumbled on this site by covering the net for bike rides and i just joined.

I have been using the below link for tech info etc,


I hope this helps you.





If there is not an early response the thread often gets shuffled down. Sometimes you need to respond to your own to keep it current if it is important enough to you. The other way is to make a few friends and send them a message. 

thx 4 that John,


Just trying to be neighbourly but i will heed your advice.

I will wait until a join a ride first before i do the friend thing.



Hi Scar,

As i'm not an Aussie ( Don't hold that against me lol ) i need to get advice from everyone so i have to join

these Forums to gain a bit of knowledge, especially to the area i live in.

I suppose the problem that i can see is the Tech questions are not getting answered but to be fair i suppose thats credit to Victory as it seems that they have built there bikes well enough not to have to many issues.

I own a 300C as well and i found the same thing on the Aussie Forum ( No Tech Help ) so i hit the American Forums and BINGO, all the help i needed.

Anyway i will keep plugging on ( Good for that lol ) and see what emerges.

As a matter of being nosey did the guy's you were talking to give you the heads up on what Forum or Forums they used.




It's a bit of a shame that this isnt the easiest forum to navigate your way through.  As an example, the tech info section isnt easy to find unless you know where it is

There are plenty of users who join up, but can't seem to find their way around and seem to loose intrest and give up. Maybe thats why there are heaps of members, but not too many active users.

Try the VMC Website. I've found it very usefull for any questions. This site seems to be more usefull as a social network than a technical reference.



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