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Has anyone had any trouble with their lady complaining of the numb bum problem with regards to the pillion seats on a Vegas after an hour riding.I purchased a delux seat and backrest,the problem is still there.Then i bought an air hawk to no avail.I am thinking about a Corbin [ another $700 ] or a Mustang.It seems that the shape of the Victory pillion seats [unless you are on a Cross Country] is not the the shape of a females ar...e. Any sugestions. 

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hi Ron my wife had the same problem with the same seat we added the back rest witch eased the matter a little but i did ask the boy's at victory and one of the suggestions was a sheep skin we are yet to get one but maybe worth a look

Thanks Matt and J9-janine,for your comments,anything is worth considering.I love getting on the bike and she wants to take a car.

Exacly why they came out with a solo seat m8. ( lmfao )

The Mustang is the best Solo seat by FAR ( imo ) which would lead me to think that the Mustang passenger seat might

be the one to buy.

It's a lot quieter if she is in the car though ( lmao ).




Thanks Alan,I see you are happy with your Mustang seat.I have ordered a mustang pillion seat along with a riders seat as the pillion seat will not fit on its own with a stock seat,so i have the 2 seats on there way.

Lets hope there is no more complaints from the rear end.

Hi Ron, Have a look on Auction number  546384275 its $69.00 and may be the answer to a happy missus :)

Thanks Colin and Jude for your reply,

The gel stuff on the NZ trade me site ,i think it would be similar to the air hawk.

Colin has hit the mark in saying that the pillion seat is an after thought.

The shape of the seat fits well with the contures of the bike,but not at all with the contures of a womens ar...e.

I will try the mustang seats and let you know how she gets on or off as the case may be.

          Thanks for your imput    Regards Ron

Thanks Ron for your comment, I have huge sympathy for any woman on the back of a Vegas, Ive been on the back of mine for only 10ks and couldn't wait to get off, the riding seat is great tho, did over 5000ks around the South Island without a butt problem lol, I think maybe you should get her, her own bike :) we need more real " V " girls, instead of all the posers lol

Hi Ron,
I have the Victory 2 piece touring seats plus the backrest which are all as new. I will be listing them for sale for $500 if your interested.





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