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Thanks guys. Lots of ideas around exhaust, heard some chip mods, and then on the Sydney Chrissy Ride day, I heard about the Lloydz Advancer. Does anyone have any feedback from using one.? It seems really surprising that ignition management is not performed by the engoine controller.

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Its called a timing wheel,about $150aud landed from memory,both my son and I have them on our bikes,along with a pc5,open airboxes,and straight through exhausts,staright out of the box it feels better,we run +4 degrees on bout our bikes,since it only works up to 2500 rpm them PC5 takes over and advances the timing again,if you advance to far it will detonate the motor,cams are next then dyno for the final hp,but the dream is the super charger option when I hear a

Thanks for the feedback Phil. Sounds like the ATS is the go, as I'm really just after a bit of low end, and maybe reduce engine vibration in the upper end. (one of the guys at Lloydz reckons it sounds a bit retarded if its vibrating above 4,000). I got the Cross Country with Stage 1 exhaust & air box already fitted.

I just received mine in the post, bike due for 12k service so will get Dimi to fit at the same time and maybe get dyno'd later

my Hammer has LLoydz cams and torque tubes,PC5 and fairly unrestricted sweep pipes ,will advise after Dyno

this would mean that I have to wash it  JJ ,   no promises LOL



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