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I may not be a prolific writer as you can tell by my unfinished blog about my trip to Texas, but you might say I'm a prolific rider with over 30K on the one year anniversary. I want to share, as well as ask other one year, plus Vision riders to chime in with a short review. It is easy to say "Wow, this is a great bike!" but I ask that you put a little depth to it. I will say I really would like to see responses from folk that is an avid rider already and then got the Vision a year or more ago. Knowing things can be short lived, I like to see those with long time in the saddle before the Vision and what happened after you got the Vision as far as your riding habits go. I'll begin...

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When I took to riding again 3 years ago after a 20+ year hiatus I had no idea if I would stick with it. I soon found myself making excuses to ride, but surprisingly, that was hard to do since I have activities that involves just me. These activities include going to work, church, and some ministries that I'm involved in. My wife and I work different hours and sometime we would meet up for dinner. However, riding the '84 Goldwing I found myself making excuses not to ride, like, rain, or if it was cold or I had too much to carry or I had to "dress up" for something. Even then, I still rode the Honda quite often though there was times I wished I just drove the Jeep. I found myself in the rain, and would put on the toggs, and I would often push the distants between the stops. The wife and I would take weekend excursion but found it not too fun riding two up, but did so just to have that time with her.

Enter the Vision. Having acclimated to riding on the Wing, I was amazed at the friendliness of the Vision in comparison. I ride everyday, but so what I did that with the Wing, but with the Vision I'll event excuses to ride somewhere. I find myself not even looking at the thermometer unless it is calling for precipation, and if the temp is above freezing, I find myself not even bothering to see if it is going to rain. If it does rain, since I wear chaps and jacket, I don't even bother with rain gear. I've taken 'business' trips with the Vision and find that this bike is truly a joy to ride all the time. I've been asking folks how their ride was to work in the mornings just to emphasize that I had a great ride to work, nothing humdrum about the Vision. In comparison I do not feel intimadated by heavy traffic in the Vision as I did on the Goldwing. I've increased my riding since owning the Vision and take more opportunities to visit the family, and don't even have to stop and stretch in between just to make it.
VaRyder, who cares about being a prolific writer as long as you can enjoy riding. I am just shy of the 30,000 mark on the Vision. I have not rode any of my bikes for almost a week. Weather was bad (rain) and I have been carpooling to work. This is the first time since my daddy died in 2001 that I have not ridden at least 2 days out of a week. I will say that I used to ride the '99 to work, if bored with that, then I would ride the Hammer for a blast of fun. Now that I have the Vision, I don't even think about the weather, just dress to suit it and go on. This weekend dosn't look good for riding because of some other sH9# going on from work. But there is always Monday and another reason to ride. Hope to catch you on the road one day. ET



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