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Hello Everyone... or should I say G'Day... I don't want to seem like a tourist.

Jedi Jeff and I (Miles) provide this site and the sites for fellow riders and enthusiasts of Victory Motorcycles.   So far so good...

We have been getting alerts for several months about people pushing their "agenda's"  and being rude to others and such and "taking over" the discussion areas.  It's not a matter of someone growing a thick skin or not.  It's against the policy and unlike a few have mentioned this IS NOT a public site.  It is a PRIVATE site "made available" to the public with the knowledge that if you participate YOU AGREE to follow the rules.

Most of you are from the land down under as we know it, and you have a reputation of being a little rebellious at times, that's all good.  But, most of you seem honorable regardless if you want to admit it or not and honorable people don't go back on AGREEMENTS that they made.  That's all I'm going to say on this as most of you seem intelligent enough to get what I'm saying.

Now as far as the referenced "agenda's" go.  I really don't know much about the topics yet.  I'll do some reading to catch up, but as you are the users of this site, is there something we (the providers) can do to help get things back to normal in these discussion groups.

While I have your attention... I want to say THANKS !!!   In general to the folks that use this site but a special shout out to our friends in Australia and New Zealand.   We have had several discussions about how to maybe do something special like do a bulk shipment of Victory Riders merchandise to someplace where shipping costs weren't so high.  I realize that is somewhat self-serving also, but every time I have to ship something your way, I feel bad about the fact that while you're showing the love, your paying just as much for the shipping.

Anyway, I've covered a few things I wanted to cover.  I wanted you to know that we are listening... ok reading..   We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and for great things to be happening for everyone in 2014 and beyond.   

Lets try to move forward.  Jeff and I have enough fun...(yeah that's not really the word), kicking off the Nike shoe ads and such...  We've never really had to "police" this site or the sites and we're real proud of that.   Lets see what we can do to keep it that way.


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Thanks for the site Miles and Jeff, Merry Christmas from the land down under.

Good work guys and all the best to you, your family and friends for xmas and a safe new year

this is an amazing site but what I want to know is how long has it been a dictatorship I thought that living in Australia we have the right to our own opinions and to air our opinions but it seems on this site that's not the case if someone doesn't like your opinion you are removed from the site.So Miles & Jeff I take it that you guys are firm believers in the VLAD legislation as you seem to be using it on this site 

This is not public site.  As such, Jedi Jeff and Miles and be as dictatorial as they like.  There are other ways of getting your viewpoint across quite effectively that do not involve personal attacks.

Happy Christmas to you and everyone else here.

well put Darren so much for a freedom of speech and being able to speak out. we are not attacking members of the sit just want people to be aware and informed of what is happening ok some of us have a higher rate of enthusiasm than others that's the way life is I say let it out and let the chips fall so with that if they the owners wish to though me off the site then that's the way it is freedom of speech for some but not others   

Hi Darren, 

    I haven't had a chance to read up on all of what's going on, but I will address your comment about "dictatorship".  It's a service not a dictatorship.   A service provided for FREE to those that use it, with essentially one condition and that be that each member treat everyone other member with respect.   That's the short version anyway, and it's pretty simple.  We allow a bit of latitude in topics because it's mostly about Motorcycles, Victory bikes in particular.  That's why were all here afterall.  The terms also mention not pushing 3rd party agenda's, so "for" or "against" anything is not relevant.  If it's an "agenda" which any sort of "legislation" technically is, than while mentioning it is fine..  We would neither endorse or not endorse it or even weigh in with an opinion as we'd be violating our own terms.  

Thanks for commenting.

There seems to be great confusion about freedom of speech and thee delivery of said freedom, obviously some members of this forum feel that as long as you are "educating" other members, that you no longer have to show them any form of respect should they not share your opinion.

i found the link to the terms and conditions,makes interesting reading



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