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Hi Guy's,

What filter and oil r u all using ?




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victory oil and filter. but it is getting pricey i need to find some thing else.

Amsoil oil and filter.  Can go twice the manufacturers recommended mileage between changes.

Thx Rick,

Have you got the oil type and Filter recommendation ?




Try going on Amsoils website.  Here in US I can put make and model  and year of bike in and I get a couple of recommendations from amsoil, including filter.  If you can't get that there, let me know and I will get the filter number and oil type.  I use a 10w-40 because I ride in the colder weather.

I Aways thought the victory oil was amsoil oil, but packaged as victory product

Thanx for all the comments guys,

And after doing a little research i think Rick has hit it on the nail.

The lower the first number the better the Cold Start is,  therefore if Victory use 20W40 then it would be fair to say that the oil would be slower to gain pressure than say a 10 or 15 W which in theory would add more wear to the engine.

So keeping the viscosity of the oil at 40 which is recommended for high temps then Amsoil 100% Synthetic ( 10W40 ) seems the way to go.


A little pricey compared to some but the reviews and comments from users is right up there,  $68 ( 3.78 Ltrs ) and if your a motorcycle club member $61.20.

What do you guy's think ? ( Have i been in the sun to long ?)




Even though Amsoil cast a little more, you can go twice the kilometers between oil changes.  I use it in all my vehicles. 



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