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Sad news for us Kiwi Victory riders, our only NZ official dealer (Haldanes in Auckland) announced its sudden closure last Friday. Where does this leave loyal customers who had ordered & paid for parts, & what happens to our warranty cover?  It would be nice to hear from Victory "officially" about what is happening to appoint a new dealer here, especially since Victory is really starting to establish a good brand profile in New Zealand.

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I agree, and I feel for the team who lost their jobs. What's going to happen with the "victory" dealership. Does anyone have any clues?

is the entire dealership or just the Victory franchise ?

Haldane's closed shop, this includes the Ducati Dealership. No one seems to know what's happening.

yeah, no answer on phone, the facebook page and website still up, bloody shame, economy takes another victim

Yeah, just as their staff were trying their very best to raise Victory's profile here... Hope someone from Victory USA attempts some damage control soon!!

Bad news grant, unfortunately as Blacky says another small business affect by the economy it seams, sounds like these guys were really trying too, I'm positive that when Victory USA or AUS get the heads up on this they will be working hard to not only look after the existing owners, Warrantees, etc but moveing quickly to either set a new franchise dealer in place or better a Victory owned store!

Come on Victory don't leave the NZ owners hanging put this issue to rest soon please!



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