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How to dress to avoid a fine :-)

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Where is the Hiball? Is this one of those optical illusion things?


          If I've told that bitch once, I've told her one thousand mutha fuken times ....

                       "Use a clean rag when ya' polish my fuken bike !!! "

I'm sorry there seems to be an optical ilusion here,where did you say this said bike was?,must go back and see if I can find it!

Nup sorry been and looked can't find it!

She can ride me any day, then we can jump on the Jackpot

Oh yeah Rotten, been bitten by both....but god it's been fun :-)

In my caser if it's got Tits,tyres,or tracks it will cost you!......................the first fucken one did anyways :-)

That sums it up perfectly, if its got wheels or tits I like it. Its like on holiday, you cant worry about the cost, just enjoy it while we can.



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