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Hi all, have been reading some discussions. you are funny bastards

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Actually Ron, I think most people think there is really only one rule on the forum.

Don't bully other Forum members!

What does that mean, well don't belittle, insult etc. forum members have a right to enjoy being here, plain and simple, coincidental or not, this forum has almost shut down since Blackie's antics began.

Ron, I also note you are yet to step out from behind the curtain of anonymity, now whilst I do not wish to cast aspersions, from my experience, people who hide behind alias's, pseudonyms, fictional characters et al to deliver their supposed views are usually completely spineless lowlife's with no moral compass and an inability to connect socially in real life, would you agree? Or do you feel that people that have a true belief in the strength of their convictions, are proud enough of their "REAL" beliefs that they represent those beliefs as their own, and therefore post under their real identity as opposed to under a veil deceit.

I think Rotten Ron is Blackey ?

haha hadn't thought of that, good on him if it is so.

who ever it is he's got me going, i just what to just say. merry fucking xmas to all the cunts on vrn, even rotten ron, or is it blackey. lol

Yes I agree or from the same era/school

i can say no rotten ron is not blackey

G'day Jock,

if nobody else will do it, welcome aboard and hang onto your hat. I hope you can see through this crap and get some good information from the forum. It might not appear to be obvious, but there are some decent people here, who all they want to do is talk about their bikes and go for rides with mates. 

Parting shot, if you want to bring Christianity into the fray, why did Blackey dress up as Santa Claus for the kids? You can make the connection!

Hmm, hope your not casting a slanderous aspersion  here Bill, I know we can get out of control some times but it seems you may have crossed the line here.


not that i have to justify anything but i just a minute or two wiping finger and footprints here

mr bill your are without doubt either the most stupid or biggest tuffest mofo or just the dumbest neandethal God ever put on this earth,its always smart not to be in the vicinity of a marked shitbag that has taken things to an all time low

theres some great guys here but the weekend pretenders push sticks into dark caves a bit too much

bye all reagrds RR

p.s. for posterity changed name to


RR, is this your new approach for set and catch, Bill was referring to your earlier guidelines post that you have since deleted where by you had bought Christianity/Religion into the mix, and of course by deleting it you have attempted to make Bill into the bad guy.


What confuses me the most about the Blackie entourage is that you hide behind fake identities, prop up his ideals, but don't have anywhere near the strength of conviction he had, I think that is strange.


I don't know what your problem is mate he did a good thing for those kids and you put shit on him you do know you don't have to come to the site if you don't like what's said by people I like the  laugh

Check the past posts, he worn a Santa suit and posted photos handing out presents to kids on a toy run somewhere. And now you have taken this forum to a whole new low, creating a fake member in my name.




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