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Hi guys, just bought a Victory Cross Country Tour, and looking forward to going on a number trips. I live here Morisset (Lower Hunter) and hoping to get involved with group rides. I read about the trip to the Vic alpine area next year, at this stage I am keen to go. I got the OK from the wife, now there are no barriers. Cheers - Bill

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welcome to victory owners mate have fun on the cct shiney side up.

Congrats Bill & welcome to Victory ownership.

Like Wayne, I'm on the C/coast. See you out there.

P.S: If you were previously a hd owner like me, you can throw away your toolkit now. ;)

Thanks for the welcomes. I do hope to do many rides with you guys over time, maybe a couple of over nighters somewhere. Cheers...

Hey Bill I take it that was the black one in near my Sunset red cross country at Brisans mate?will have to catch up indeed ,I have some mad mates down that way still riding Buells and other stuff,but I get to Catho pub occaisonally as well some weekends

Yep, that's the one, the big black thing. Look forward to catching up. Your bike is certainly a good looker. Did you get the small screen as well. I believe they changed it to a bigger one due to buffing issues. If you are interested, i am in the market to buying a small screen. If you want to sell it Iam intersted.... Cheers

I'm just waiting for Greg to find the original small low screen,I hate lexan in front of me,the buell had no screen and I just like the clear view ahead,at the moment it has a mid screen on it,well actaully I took it off this morning and rode for a 100 k's and it was 100% better than having the screen there

It has taken me a bit to get used to looking through a screen. I think i have over come the extra glare and reflections. I am still interested in getting a lower (lower the better) screen, for local runs and make the bike look better. I like the idea of the large screen for long rides. I will trying out my first long ride in the first weekend of the school holidays, traveling from Newy to Cowra, should be good. Would be good to catch up and compare notes, the Catho pub sounds good...Cheers Bill

spent 1 1/2 yrs with the first Xcountry they had the lower screen, drove me nuts !!!

now traded up to the new Xcountry Tour and the tall screen is the best improvement on the bike !!

Bill I now have my low screen on thebike,and have a spare screen now,so if you want to give it a try let me know mate,or you could come up here for a ride and put it on for a trial and see what you think,I don't think I will be using it as the low one does what i want.


Sounds like a plan. It would be good to meet up and have a beer and a chat. I work in Newcastle, Monday to Friday, and I have this weekend off. So let me know what suits you best. Cheers..Bill

Bill I am off this weekend as well,but have daughetrs grand final for softball on Saturday,if you want to do a run up here on Sunday and we can fit the screen and go for a ride as well to try them out.

G'day Phil, Sunday arvo suits me. My son is playing football Sunday morning. Where are you? Where do you want to meet. I'll have a look at the screen at this point. I think it is not that much shorter than the one I have already. Talk to you soon. Bill



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